Second Amendment SCOTUS just confirmed 2nd Amendment.... ARMS means ALL ARMS, not just Guns....

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by BTPost, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. BTPost

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    Conservatives have been worried about the sanctity of the Second Amendment following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, a staunch gun rights advocate on the Supreme Court.

    A decision released Monday, however, has been hailed a victory for gun rights, and conservatives everywhere will be relieved to see the court standing up for the Constitution even without Scalia.

    The court overturned a decision out of Massachusetts that determined that stun guns were not covered by the Second Amendment, siding instead with a woman who said she carried one as protection against an abusive former boyfriend.

    In an unsigned decision with no dissents, the country’s highest court ruled in favor of Jaime Caetano, who in 2011 was arrested for possession of a stun gun in violation of a state law banning such weapons. Caetano said she carried the stun gun for self-defense because her former partner was violent and abusive.

    In March 2015, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the stun gun was not covered by the constitutional right to bear arms. The Supreme Court, however, decided that ruling was inconsistent with a 2008 Supreme Court decision declaring an individual right to bear arms.

    Note Here: This was Unanimous, by the Court.....
  2. Dunerunner

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    I Am totally amazed by this. But, it will take more of these decisions to make the hairs on the back of my neck relax...
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  3. chelloveck

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    Those damned liber'l activist judges, siding with ultra right wing conservative judges....what's the world comin' to? :LOL:
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  4. Tikka

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    They proved they can read for once. Amazing, isn't it.
  5. chelloveck

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    Yep, Reductio Ad Hiltlerum (1).....really adds weight to your point of view.....Reductio ad Hitlerum


    (1) see also "Godwins Law" Godwin's Law - RationalWiki
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  6. marlas1too

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    I carry a gun all the time as I can't carry a cop --just too heavy to lift and lug around
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  7. Altoidfishfins

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    Wow! Whouda thunk?
    However, I concur with Dunerunner.
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  8. Dunerunner

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    I wonder if this decision extends to martial arts combat weapons as well? Katana, nunchaku, shuriken, kama, sai, tonfa, etc....
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  9. BTPost

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    If you read the Ruling, you will understand why NYC is "Quaking in their Collective Boots" over this.... 8 to Zip Ruling, and it basically says that the NYC Knife Statutes are UnConstitutional..... As are many State Statutes, around the Country....

    This puts some REAL Teeth, in Heller & McDonald... which were cited, extensively, in the Ruling..... States are either going to have to change their Statutes, or Risk trying to Defend them, in EVERY Federal District Court, in the State, with an 8-0 SCOTUS Precedent in place, for the Federal District Courts to Follow.... Losers pay for ALL Attorney's Fees... could get VERY Expensive, in a HURRY....
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  10. Dunerunner

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  11. Withak

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    I'm looking at this with cautious optimism - but it really makes me wonder what they really have up their sleeves. This isn't like them. I can't believe there isn't some hidden agenda here that will come back to bite us all down the road.

    That said, if there is no hidden agenda, then this is one of the best rulings we've had from that court in a long time.
  12. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey

    The agenda is "Hey guys, it's OK. See, we are all solid for the 2A, even the Wise Latina. If you appoint that anti second amendment guy it won't matter..."

    I don't trust it. It smells like week old fish in a cat house.
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  13. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

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  14. Dunerunner

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    The original weapons of mankind.... @chimo!! [winkthumb]
  15. Mountainman

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    Thinking the same thing as you guys. Exactly the kind of bullshit the Zero (Obama) handlers will try to pull to stack the deck against the 2A.
  16. Tackleberry

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    While I don't trust them, I do think this is a painful blow to many current anti-statutes at state and local level. This will extend to ammunition and magazines as well as knives. I am thinking about a poll-tax-type draconian ammunition tax meant to discourage ammo purchases in one NW city in particular.

    Quite frankly I think silencers/sound suppressors can be argued as arms and some areas still ban them. This ruling will allow challenges in that area too.
  17. Withak

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    Good to see you BTW, Taku ;)
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