Complete Firearms Screaming LE6920 Deal

Discussion in 'Firearms and Related' started by 3M-TA3, Jul 29, 2017.

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    You're allowed such firearms in Oregon? Thought that state went communist along with California and Washington.

    Anyway, looks like the deal expires tomorrow.
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    Still for now. Trump's election was followed by mass throttling down of gun control measures by Democrats as they realized that it was one of the reasons they lost so big with Trump and others. They still railroaded a Trojan horse bill through that allows for confiscation without due process by anybody who is pissed off at you. The burden of proof is on the gun owner to have his or her firearms returned, and since whoever makes the decision to return them will be accountable for what that person does it will never happen..

    The next Democrat controlled election cycle will almost certainly see Oregon's govern by social tyranny model make California look like a free state. In a related digression Mrs 3M and I are taking a road trip this fall to scout out the areas we have short listed for relocation. Never thought I'd be a refugee in my own country.
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    Man that's B.S. You have to question in how many other ways the leftist governed states will begin to step on the constitution.

    Well, Idaho might be a good place to start looking, although Boise may be beginning to lean a bit left. Anything outside of that would probably be more open to constitution - supporting people. Twin Falls area has a lot of farming and flat land.

    I used to live in northern Nevada, and made frequent trips to Boise, Mountain Home (funny, no mountains there), and Twin Falls. Northern Idaho is nice country, but people I've met from there say that winters can be brutal.
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    Yup... Keep that brutal winter idea in mind, and tell all the liberals you may run across, so they will dismiss any thoughts of living in north Idaho. Yes indeed! It is the frozen tundra here and everyone that lives here are despicable, crazy, gun touting racist scum... YES.. Tell all the liberal that they do not want to live around scum like those that would live in north Idaho!! After all, they do have that constitutional firearms carry law and vote for the likes of Ron Paul.. ;) :whistle:
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