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    Urban foraging can be a practical way of supplementing your diet, and perhaps getting to know folks in your neighbourhood.

    the following link to a Radio National (Australia) podcast on the subject is worth having a listen to.

    Urban foraging - Off Track - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Bear in mind that permission from property owners needs to be sought and granted before scrumpling on someone else's property.

    I lived for a while in one of Adelaide's older, well established (affluent) neighbourhoods, (not that I was affluent), and each street facing often had a rear public access lane (used in days of yore when the privy was located near the back lane for ease of access by nightsoil carters). In those lanes, and in public parks and along watercourses were often to be found edible fruit and nut trees and vines and edible wild plants. Grapes, figs, apples, citrus fruits, mulberries and lilipilli could all be had in season without invoking anyone's ire.
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    Good post.

    Edible & Medicinal Foraging Guide


    Search your specific state here:
    Search by State
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    Wish there was an iphone ap where I could take a picture of a plant and have it ID it...
    Like shazam but with plants.

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