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  1. Seawolf1090

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    Well, the ol' Seawolf got to meet the Seacowboy this weekend!
    A small group of us held a 'meet&greet' campout Saturday/Sunday at a local forest lake.
    Most of us gathered for breakfast at the closest little eatery for breakfast, then motored out to the lake. We set up camp, met the local Sheriff Deputy and FWC trooper (Game warden) as they made their rounds, and checked the lake out.
    Back at camp, we compared BOBs, discussed sundry things relating (mostly) to prepping, and finally had Seacowboys join us. He rode his KLR650 motorcycle over from his home westward - quite a trip! Heand I discussed the KLR,and soon got to the 'war stories'.
    A few of the guys tried fishing, and caught many small bream and one poor lake turtle.
    After checking an online video via smartphone, they spent a half fhour or so trying to get some useable meat from the unfortunate turtle. Two small lumps of meat were the result - but they DID it.
    We had fun watching one guy trying to craft a 'penny stove' from a soda can - after a few hours of work, results weren't good. More research needed....
    Seacowboys took a swim Sunday morning, despite the discussions earlier regarding the twelve foot gator inhabiting the lake. I guess even a gator draws the line at THAT stringy carcase..... ;)
    He also treated us to some guitar music with a really neat little nylon-cased travel guitar. We all made our dinners by various means, and the wee fish were grilled over an open fire.
    Three guys used hammocks for sleeping, with SC having the better one - included skeeter netting. All were set up under tarps, as we did have a couple minor showers come through to cool the evening off. Three used tents, and I wimped out and used a twin-sized air mattress in my minivan. With a 12VDC battry fan to take the edge off the heat, I was comfy.
    We had discussed the possibilty of a shooting session at the local range (very close by) but never got around to it.
    Still, it was a good event, we got to meet and put faces to forum names (most of us were on a local Tally gun forum) and discuss the sad state of the union.
    We will definitely have to do this again! [beer]
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  2. tacmotusn

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    I am sooooo jealous that I could not come because I was otherwise obligated for the entire freakin' weekend.[drooling]
  3. ColtCarbine

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    Glad you had guys had the chance to meet. Always wondered if he was as much of a character as he portrays in his writings.
  4. Seacowboys

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    That was a good ride, nearly 600 miles in two days on my old bones (read butt), is more than i generally care for but the company was worth it. As for that little gator; they don't mind sharing their pond. Got into some weather coming home especially across the bay bridge here in Mobile.
  5. Gator 45/70

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    Cool.!! Where da picts'??
  6. Seawolf1090

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    Seacowboys is indeed a 'character', and of the best sort! Great stories - this is a man who has had an 'interesting' life.
    I got a few pics of the camp in the early morn, but felt the need for 'OPSEC' precluded personal pics.
  7. melbo

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    Last time I was with SC, he tossed about 80 pounds of boiling shrimps on the tailgate. I think that was at knob creek. Good times and glad you had the chance to meet up.
  8. tommyboy4090

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    Had a great time this weekend. I am already working on the next meet so Seacowboy if you up for another ride. lol

    Was a pleasure to meet you. Glad you made it home alright.
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