seaborn illegals come ashore on camp pendleton

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    SAN DIEGO — The U.S. Border Patrol says two groups of seafaring, illegal immigrants have been caught coming ashore along Southern California’s coast — including 18 people who landed at the Marine Corps’ Camp Pendleton.
    U.S. Border Patrol agent Michael Jimenez says agents detained 16 Mexican citizens traveling in a skiff after they came ashore around 1:50 a.m. Tuesday near Leucadia.
    He says agents acting on a call from military officials also detained 18 others walking across Camp Pendleton a few hours later after they had been dropped off by a boat.
    Agents have caught illegal immigrants entering San Diego County by sea more than 60 times since Oct. 1. There were 49 smuggling cases by sear in the fiscal year 2009.

    Illegal immigrants have been caught crossing Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton
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