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    We eat a variety of beans and there are always some left over. I like to refrigerate them and mix them together until I have enough to make chili.
    Open two beers, drink one.
    You need the big chili pot for this and a big iron skillet.
    Fry up a couple pounds of chirizo and dump into the chili pot.
    Fry up two pounds or so of lean ground beef with a quarter cup of chili powder and a couple table spoons of sweet paprika and add to the pot.
    Fry up some cubed beef and/or venison and throw into the pot.
    Caramelize about four or five pounds of sweet onions and add to the pot, you want at least as much onion as there is meats.
    Char-roast four big poblano chili peppers and seven or eight jalapenos until black, peel them and seed them then chop them up and throw into the pot.
    Pour the second beer into the pot (its warm by now anyway) and get another one out of the icebox to drink. Add all the mixed beans to the mixture and stir, bring to a simmer. Add a table spoon of cayenne, two table spoons creole seasoning, some ground black pepper and some sea salt. Add about a half cup Louisiana hot sauce and about a third cup of Worcestershire, a table spoon of sugar and two quarts of canned garden tomatoes. Cook it slow until everybody starts threatening to beat the hell out of you if you don't let them eat.
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    Wish I could "Like" more than once - chili, my favorite
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    I just want to be a guest, or a fly on the wall to watch and laugh at this whole production. Specially the final act where everyone is ready to beat the hell out of Sea if he doesn't let them eat. LOL
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