Seafloor collapse around well head reported

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    Found this at fire dog lake Blog:
    Awful News From The Gulf: Explosions Collapse Seafloor At Deepwater Horizon Well Head | The Seminal

    By: Mason Sunday May 23, 2010 8:31 pm

    A series of explosions appears to have collapsed the seafloor and blown up the BOP at the well head. Oil and gas are billowing out of a depression in the seafloor where the BOP used to be at an exponentially greater rate than anything seen before.

    My theory: The well consisted of the casing with the drill pipe inside it. The sand and rocks that turned the gusher into a giant sandblaster that blew out holes in the riser pipe at the kinks was coming from the walls of the well that the cement between the casing and the wall was supposed to protect. Therefore, the hole has been getting bigger and bigger and now it’s like a volcano vent with the piping inside it probably a twisted mess.

    The relief wells can’t possibly stop this because anything they add will just be blown out of the volcano.
    Now what?

    h/t to noblejoanie for mentioning this in a comment to Scarecrows article titled "Can We Stop This and Future Oil Disasters?" She also provided this link. I’m seeking verification.

    I don't know anything about "firedog lake" could be reliable could be B.S.
    don't know how much they claim to have collapsed.

    Interesting when mixed with the recorded worldwide seismic activity
    If you look at the seismographs, disneyworld and baja ca have recorded the wildest swings in displacement.
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    I don't know, hell, nuke it!
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    Yeah that's the solution to the problem. Blame the freakin 5th arm of the Military. Tell me this, how is he any more responsible for any of this more than say Obama, or the head of whatever regulatory agency oversees safe drilling operations? Was there not a problem that all at BP and those on the platform were aware of with regard to the blow out protector, that was known early on, and long before the catastrophe happened? BP in my opinion holds the largest portion of blame and legally the least financial responsibility according to the liability laws as they exist today. I just heard on the view (lol, don't go there.... i was channel surfing) and they are trying to lay the blame at the feet of Dick Chaney......?
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    Well they gotta blame somebody can't have an extinction level event occur under Obama's watch.
    All frivolity aside.This is headed in a dangerously wrong direction:
    Blame never fixed anything.

    This story corroborates "a big change must certainly have ocurred at the disaster site."
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    A fix, we need a fix.... my horse for a fix, my castle for a fix, .... hell, My wife for a fix
    what's the problem.... we got answers!
    Super Google to the
    as you sit there in your computer chair trying to solve the worlds problems consider these I found for
    after all, I only found 3,560,000 solutions in .27 seconds
    how difficult could it be. why didn't we turn this thing off 30 some days ago?
    here are your answers to "solutions to the oil spill problem";
    solutions to the oil spill problem - Google Search

    ps; I prefer to laugh rather than cry. this is way above my paygrade. bring in the experts and "git er done"
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    yup don know nuthin bout drillin'[lolol]
    but there;s always the
    " Mister why don't you just let the air outta the tires" story"
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    I'm taking your word for the Admiral (Allen?) being gone, will confirm later. If so, the reason is clear, he publicly admitted that the oil industry knows more about plugging wells than the government does. He had/has no wish to start telling the experts how to do their jobs. Can you imagine Reid directing a driller? Or Napolitano? Or (God help us) some TSA weenie?
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    Tango3 was right on this one. I went to Fox Nation online and could find nothing. Then did my standard google search. Here it is;
    Bidding farewell to Admiral Allen, United States Coast Guard and “America’s Admiral” -
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    Don't take my word for it (lol)
    fox had video from the retirement ceremony on around lunch
    Seems he's moving right into the administration so its not punative in nature.

    Back out to the shovel,pitchfork and puttin' in the 'tater patch...
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    Wantingto emulate "Jimmy Olsen " cub reporter and get the"scoop" chief! I posted this stuff fast this a.m.wandering various comment sections today I have learned : Bp has not had a live feed camera on the bop.
    If the BOP was "blown up" as mentioned above we wouldn't be seeing oil come out of the end of the stem as we do in the live feed.
    Also bp removes a hose stuck in the stem and clears it out every few hours, this produces alot of bottom disturbance in the feed. May account for some of the explosion(s) hysteria.
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    Found a gif loop of a large explosion yesterday. Wow.

    May take a few minutes to load the 5 screenshot gif: (hover over the thumbnail and wait)
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    Fox newz is reporting BP has received permission by coastguard to attempt "top kill"
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    Whoa! cool (not)
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    A politically motivated formality. "See? The dot gov is in control." [own2]

    That said, what were the alternatives, do nothing until the relief wells are drilled?
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    Cross your fingers and toes..... nothing else has worked. They have started the top kill process.


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