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    Actor Seagal sued over dog killed in filming |

    The poor dog owner was "Under Seige" from Steven? I guess Seagal is "A Dangerous Man" who is "Driven to Kill" who believes in "Urban Justice" and thinks he's "Above the Law." But the dog owner will now be "Out for Justice" and maybe even "Out for a Kill" and Seagal will now find himself "Under Seige II" when he is "Marked for Death" and is found "On Deadly Ground" where he will be shot and will see his "Exit Wounds" and when it is all over he will realize one thing: The rooster owner is a "Mercenary for Justice."
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    Reminds me of my friend, George. George co-wrote that Neil Diamond song, "Sweet Caroline". He has a contracting business in Memphis. They were refurbishing a warehouse downtown and would target shoot every evening when they completed work, inside the warehouse. This went on for weeks with no problems until "Cops" TV show showed up with a swat team in a quite spectacular manner, and hauled George and all his employees downtown and charged them with discharging a firearm inside city limits (a misdemeanor carrying a $25.00 fine). Cops producer then asked them to sign a waiver so it could air...George told them politely (his words) to go F;;; themselves.
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    Yeah, I don't understand why people sign those waivers. Especially on a show like Cops.
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    Maybe I could sue him for killing my ears when he plays his guitar and tries to sing.
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    Poor Jesus...nailed to a they are kill his puppy

    No doubt about it, although he is a pretty ordinary actor....Seagal is rather an extraordinary LEO. Instead of going after the big drug cartels...he ducks the drug lords to take on the big poultry fanciers. What a cockup....I wonder if his reality LEO tv show will have the usual boiler (no pun intended)plate notice..."no animals were harmed in the making of this show"......I hope the law suit cooks Seagal's goose...the turkey!

    The "tank" is pretty extraordinary itself....It has what appears to be a sofa on the rear upper deck...presumably so Seagal can direct the filming while seated comfortably....umbrella'd cocktail in hand.
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    Even if Seagal survives the lawsuit, he may feel "Half Past Dead"........ [beat]
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