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Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by Hanzo, Nov 13, 2014.

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    I was talking with a friend of mine this weekend. He is a very fit SEAL. I know he trains himself and his family as well as some friends. Used to train SEALs.

    So I asked him to suggest a workout for an old injured fat guy. He said just start by walking briskly 45 minutes a day. And not on a machine. And he said he was going to check up on me. So what's a guy to do?

    Since our talk, I have been pretty good. Day 1 was an impromptu hour hike. Wife was on a trail run, so met up with her on the trail. It was one hour for me, but hour six for her. Damn those hills! Day 2 was a hour of tai chi and a 45 minute walk with a little kicking the soccer ball around with the little monkey. Day 3 was 3 hours of qigong and Taiji and no walk. I went deeper into my stances and went slower. I really felt it in my thighs after. Today is day 4 A hilly 45 minute walk. The target was a valley a mile away from my house where my wife found a dead pig one day.

    Stopped to do a quick check of the valley. No piggies tonight. But the Fenix light lit up the stream pretty well. Could see a couple hundred feet into the valley. It was lit much brighter than the picture portrays.

    Did I say, "Damn those hills!"? Breath is short on the steep climbs. My new Bedrock sandals held up like a champ.

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    I am still working on squating down and get back up with out grabbing hold of something to pull myself up.. You go hanzo!!!
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    Several years ago i had been involved in a mt bike accident and was laid up for about a year, so i was way out of shape. I started back on the bike doing riding six miles a day. Three miles to work, three miles home. After a couple of months of this i was in much better shape than i thought i would be. As i get older exercise for me is about low and slow. I train with light weights and moderate cardio activity and it seems to work for me. My knees and ankles do not swell up as much and i feel great. I might not be riding in the tour de france but i feel good and am in better shape than most 48 year old men.
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    You are doing the right things, Hanzo. Variation in your workout helps you keep from getting bored. It also keeps your muscles from getting into a routine, therefore training them every time you go out. Just being more active is key, coupled with persistence and continued commitment.

    While walking, take a break at the half way point and do some low horse movements and perhaps some push-ups or jumping jacks.

    You are making the effort and your body will thank you for it!! Congratulations!!
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    A number of years ago, my wife started running. Just before that, I was feeling pretty good and felt fit, so I went to play basketball. Tore my plantar fascia. I tried to go with my wife, but it wasn't happening. I could barely walk. It took two years to heal and I got into the habit of slugging out. For me, it is regaining my conditioning and dropping weight. @Bear kindly gave me his elliptical since he graduated in his fitness regiment. I have a hard time getting on it regularly. My kids use it more than me.
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    im an avid trail runner, I put down 25-30 miles a week. I pulled my plantar fascia a few years back "kicking a stuck door". mine healed in 6 months. I give credit to barefoot running shoes like the vibram fivefingers. I exclusively run in them. at first I could only make it about a mile, you have to build up slowly in the barefoot running game. you are using muscles in your feet and legs you dident know you now over 2 years later im a huge fan of barefoot running. im 37yo and running better than I did when I got out of basic training when I was 18.
    I actually started gaining weight from running. don't run and think you will loose weight
    get a pair of vibram five fingers they will build muscle and streatch your feet.... the trail running military green and grey are what I rock. bought 4 sets when they were on
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  7. driftz240

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    dunerunner.....awesome avatar.....this is my booom stick
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    I've been wearing FiveFingers since shortly after they came out. In other words, before they became popular. My wife and I both go the minimalist route as far as footwear. My wife started her running by first walking barefoot, then running barefoot. Now, because she covers pretty good distance, she runs in Luna sandals. On the trail, she wears Inov8 minimalist trail shoes. Our trails are almost always wet and slippery, so the shoes help her feet not slide on the footbed, like it does with sandals. She runs and swims pretty much daily. 5 miles is like a warm up run for her. She has found a great liking for trail running. Her longest trail run so far is 22 miles. Her short fun runs on the trail are usually 8-10 miles.

    My plantar fasciitis on my right foot healed up in about six months. The one in my left took two years and it flares up from time to time. That one, I tore. I felt and could almost hear the rip. Both were freak accidents. Since I coach my daughter's soccer team, my feet, mostly the left one, are always sore during the season.
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    I was in that movie:)
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    Which one was you, @kellory?
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    Gotcha. Next time I rewatch, I will make my best guess and assign one as you. Hmmmm... Could be fun. We can do a which do you think is @kellory thread.
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    Good luck with that:) I KNOW where I was, and even I can't pick me out:D.
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    That won't really matter now, does it? Don't know what you look like. We can make sh!t up! Build your whole back story and all.
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    random henchman #61 with
    heard your pf rip....yikes......
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    good job!!!!
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    I got it!!! Shyalude... (excuse the spelling)...
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    I agree with your friend.

    My fitness plan starts with 3-5 hours of walking (move slowly) each week. It's a base and to me is mandatory.
    3-5 hours a week at 50-70% heart rate, nothing strenuous, just move.
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