Seattle elects socialist candidate to city council

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    Give her credit for being upfront about being a socialist where barry still claims he is a democrat.

    Kshama Sawant is a Seattle City Councilperson-elect. A former software engineer from India, Sawant became a socialist activist and part-time economics professor in Seattle after immigrating to the United States.
    SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle voters have elected a socialist to city council for the first time in modern history.

    Kshama Sawant's lead continued to grow on Friday, prompting 16-year incumbent Richard Conlin to concede.

    Even in this liberal city, Sawant's win has surprised many here. Conlin was backed by the city's political establishment. On election night, she trailed by four percentage points. She wasn't a veteran politician, having only run in one previous campaign.

    But in the days following election night, Sawant's share of the votes outgrew Conlin's.

    "I don't think socialism makes most people in Seattle afraid," Conlin said Friday.

    Seattle elects socialist candidate to city council
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    That is very sad and says something upsetting about the state of things.
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    Why does this surprise anyone?

    Seattle has far outdone their liberal brethren in San Fran, Austin or even NYC. NYC just elected a mayor that is openly socialist, (having married a 'lesbian' and then traveled to Cuba for their 'honeymoon') who ran on social equality.

    I'm willing to bet the 'victory' in Seattle was due to absentee ballots, the SoW website say nothing about these.

    From another article
    You know it's really hard to analyze," Conlin said after conceding to Sawant. "I can tell you a story of a few days ago. I got three emails in the space of about an hour. One of them said, 'I'm voting against you because you voted against the arena,' The second one said, 'I voted against you because you supported apodments, and the third one said, 'I voted against you because you voted to ban plastic bags.'"

    With a smile on his face Conlin concluded, "It's hard to know exactly how you could come up with the right kind of message."

    The minimum wage effort will get a boost from Mayor-Elect Ed Murray. Murray said he wants to move to a $15 minimum wage, but in increments over his first four-year term.

    Burbank believes Sawant's victor puts Seattle at the forefront of a growing movement to improve working class incomes.

    "I think that we can be a really good model for our state and for other cities across the country," he said.
    Conlin said he'll finish out his term then decide what he wants to do next to advance his quest to build a sustainable society."

    I'd hate to be living in Seattle. I once lived in Spokane but left because the taxes were too high then, and now it see it getting even worse. I live in AK, and its plenty expensive, but still cheaper than living in Seattle.

    It as if I'd fallen asleep in 1970 (Back to the Future IV anyone) and awoke to day to see that the CPA had finally taken over.

    I'll not rant about the "end of the world as we know it today", that happened quite a while ago.
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    One potential result of the socialist slide in certain areas of the USA.
    Boeing Co. is considering a number of alternative locations to build its new 777X jet, including the Persian Gulf, following a union vote in Washington that rejected a contract to assemble the aircraft in the U.S. state.

    The Seattle-based aircraft manufacturer BA +0.73% is expected to formally launch the 777X, a long-range, twin-aisle jet capable of handling 350 to 400 passengers, at the Dubai air show on Sunday with a bevy of orders from Gulf carriers. But it has no clear location for the assembly of the aircraft.

    Washington is not off the table and other states in the U.S. and Japan are being considered for the manufacture of the 777X, Ray Conner, chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, told reporters on Saturday ahead of the air show.

    Sites in the Persian Gulf, such as the United Arab Emirates where Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways are based, are also in the frame for manufacturer, but are considered second-tier locations and would be options that would “grow” over time, he added.

    “Seattle is not done and dusted,” Conner said, although he confirmed that the company wouldn't initiate new negotiations with the union representing workers, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. “We would say the ball is their court.
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    Socialism only works, until you run out of other people's money. Let them get it set up and running, by all means. Then as it runs down hill into chaos, and start asking for bail outs, and prop it up moneies, pull the rug out from under it. Let there be a socialist oasis, let them all run there to be a part of it, (it gets them out of my local politics) then quietly put up the wall around the place.......and fill it with water.:rolleyes:
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    I gave up on seattle along time ago when walking through this neighbourhood in seattle and saw this...&^%$#@@ thing.
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    Just another indicator of things to come. Our country has forgotten where it came from. If we continue to slide at this constant rate we will not recognize our Republic in a few years.
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    The sad but true fact is those in Seattle that turn out to vote are die hard libs.... that just thought it was "cool" to vote for a socialist....
    She is deffinatley a wacko. I listened to a couple of her past speaches during protest.... scary that people do not research more on who they vote for. Wonder what she would say if the city took all of her husbands Microsoft money... for the people. ;)
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    I live 3 hours drive from Seattle, so I barely care, but what I hear is that it wasn't so much a vote for her as it was a vote against the incumbent. The 15 FRN/hr minimum wage cause is gaining traction and she was flaunting her support for it, which helped her a lot. It won't be long before Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and Costco pop smoke from Washington. Then the only real industry left (as far as I can tell) will be the shipping ports. They will tax the crap out of that, then shipping can divert to Oregon even Canada then they can rail their Chinamart products in through the Dakotas. Seattle may well be one of the Detroits of the 2030s.
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