Seattle Has Been Taken Over By The Department Of Homeland Security

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    (Montana Pike Hunter) I’m writing to you today to bring light to share with you some curious things I noticed this weekend.
    In order to put them into perspective, I must let you know a little about myself. I was born in Seattle Washington and moved to Missoula Montana in July of 2001. I still have friends in Seattle and I go there to visit yearly.
    I went last year and observed a lot of peculiar infrastructure put in place, but nothing more noteworthy than the extremely sophisticated camera systems on the state borders. This year I witnessed significantly more, a deterioration into an Orwellian setting that I never could have imagined.
    Seattle is now informally under Federal Control. Whether the local police and sheriff’s departments know it or not, they are being groomed to relinquish control to the Department of Homeland Security, it would appear that vast amounts of resources are being placed inside the city on standby. I would have gladly taken more pictures, but given the circumstances, which I will explain later, I was unable to.


    Picture 1. What you see here first, is a homeless man who got drunk and took a dive into the concrete. What you can’t see to the left of the picture by the arrow, are 3 Department of Homeland Security vehicles which I will show later. That’s right, our counter terrorist force is responding to domestic disturbances.

    Shown in the red oval, is a DHS operative, clearly displaying “POLICE” on the back of his type III-A body armor. A clear difference compared to the domestic officer pictured in the green oval, who is wearing the typical type II armor. Also, observe his badges and identification obviously present on his left shoulder – clearly absent on the DHS official.

    Picture 2. Shown here are 2 DHS vehicles which are portrayed as standard police vehicles, but upon closer observation are shown to be Federal Agents, and this is where things got uncomfortable.

    After taking these photos, the two DHS vehicles began to follow us down the block, circling the block several times that we were walking on and then slowing to a creep while passing us while they stared us down. The close up photo was taken on their second pass. This made my girlfriend very intimidated and unhappy, and I began to take less obvious pictures of them since we were on vacation, and this trip was about relaxing, but I was too puzzled by their blatantly overwhelming presence.
    These vehicles are EVERYWHERE in Seattle, making rounds on any particular block about every 10 minutes, driving in caravans as long as 6 vehicles, but mostly in twos and threes, and always in an aggressive fashion. Speeding, sudden stops, unnecessary acceleration, and clear traffic violations. The frequency with which I observed these actions while eating a long lunch in a local restaurant as well as while walking through the streets was startling. I would say it might be a training exercise if it weren’t for their interaction in insignificant events like drunk bums and medical emergencies.

    Picture 3. The third photo shows another obscure medical emergency with 3 DHS vehicles present. 2 vehicles are obvious, the third is behind the white truck. Once again, our counter terrorist force is responding to heart attacks or whatever else might be happening in this photo, which took one ambulance and one stretcher, Clearly a minor medical emergency.

    Are the 1.6 billion rounds starting to make more sense now? they’re grooming and placing assets where they need them first. Ever heard of the massacre at Hue, south Vietnam? on January 31st of 1968, the N. Vietnamese were able to go inside this city in the early hours of the morning and execute every single South Vietnam sympathizer without error. in one night they were able to pinpoint every household where they lived, pull them out and kill them. at the time this seamed improbable, how could they organize this? informants, data systems, and useful idiots that thought something like that could never happen. And then it happened. With the internet, Facebook, and other electronic resources in place, and others being put in place, I think it’s pretty clear what is going on, get ready Patriots, we’re in for the long haul.
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    I gave up on Seattle, over three decades ago, and moved out to UnIncorporated South Snohomish County, where we lived for a Decade. The typical LibTard BS followed us out there, as the Kommiefornians moved north, and surrounded us, Again, bringing their LibTard thinking with them. So we moved out here to the Alaskan Bush, where no LibTard, can live, as there are NO .Gov Services, for them to suck off of.... If the Seattle Sheeple put up with DHS, that is their problem, and they can live that way. It is their choice. I made my choice, and am very satisfied with life, such as it is. Life is about Choices. You make Yours, and You have to live with them. That is the way LIFE works..... ......
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    My first reaction is WTF?! I grew up in Oly and worked some time in Redmond and Seattle in the mid-90s. It was rabidly liberal then. And it was the first state I witnessed blatant voting corruption to steal the governorship. But this DHS crap is over the top. Interesting that Seattle was strangely the site if one if the weirdest police actions during a WTO conference. Police stood by while wildings destroyed downtown businesses and then used brutal force on bystanders on Capitol Hill. So that was bizarre police behavior back then. Now DHS patrolling the streets?!
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    NWPilgrim, Post your

    Seattle events your talking about , Many don't know
  5. I may have some pictures from my former days, however brief, as a DHS Agent.
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    It is not just the liberals out of control in this state- it is the federal government moving in to subvert the states right's and authority... which I am sure is going on elsewhere with little attention... everyone just thinks it is in their region, such as Seattle.

    The Seattle PD is under federal monitoring due to several civil rights type violations, abuse of power and so on. Last year the fed's took action and part of the resolution incorporated this type of DHS and judiciary involvement to monitor in person the police department operations. A huge over reach of the fed's since there are many cities around the country with much worse issues within their local police departments. Many people here think it was an attempt to co-opt the local police into their broader national strategy of militarizing the law enforcement units across the country. The city fought it hard but the fed's persisted till the city caved in. I think this action by the fed's was specifically to embed in the PD and are most likely doing this around the country in other major metro areas. Another attempt to merge local police at all levels under the leadership of the DHS via regional Fusion Centers.

    We have a large regional DHS office just on the outskirts of Seattle that monitors this region. They also run a fugitive task force out of there, with a mix of various agencies.

    The whole Western WA is waiting to see what happens on May Day. Those events bring the anarchist and every other hooligan to the region, similar to what took place during the WTO riot's....

    2012's May Day Article:

    Latest from Seattle May Day protests: Police confiscated 70 items from protesters | The Today File | Seattle Times

    Other articles with the relationship between the fed and city:
    Lawmakers divided on counterterror effort | Politics | The Seattle Times

    Local News | Justice Department report blasts Seattle police | Seattle Times Newspaper
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    We lived in Everett for 7 years. We were there during the WTO riots, I didn't pay any attention cause I was stupid teenager, but mom kept an eye out having lived through the Watts riots in L.A. I miss the convience of just having to walk across the street for anything we needed, but that can't compare to having privacy/self-sufficiency.
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    They're probably using the 'Seattle is a key international port and airport' line to excuse it. Who knows, maybe it's just a 'training exercise'.
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    You are exactly correct... With Seattle and Tacoma having major port facilities, all of the military infrastructure and the Canadian Port of Entry at Blaine- they have plenty of "excuses" to infringe on our area and use their influence.
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    Notice the logos on the sides of those vehicles? "Federal Protective Service" (Never heard of that before, so looked it up - Federal Protective Service | Homeland Security.) Them wuzzint cops, but I guess we knew that since the Seattle cops have been found to protect and serve only themselves in the not too distant past.

    So they are probably contractors, but that beggars the question: What were they doing off the reservation?

    If you haven't seen the mission statement, go read that. Then, poke around a bit for the biggest load of alphabet soup hiding crud imaginable. Start with "Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan" and go from there, especially the Hiring Reform item that looks like a job creation activity. Very damn little of that outfit is an active arm of security. More waste. Don't forget the efficiency review --
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    Just as a point of clarifying the pictures in the initial article and why these vehicles were most likely in this AO. Directly down the street is the main bus/train hub for the City which is a gateway point for anyone coming or going from the city by those methods. Would not surprise me to see multiple agencies doing some form of security or surveillance. The Columbia Tower is right there as well which is a West coast known terrorist target. A few blocks down the street are two federal court houses which the FPS and US Marshalls jointly secure. And most major city functions (city hall, courthouse and admin) are all located within a few blocks, as well as the city emergency command center.....

    In general these guys were probably responding to the local incident because it was in their "perimeter of concern"...
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    I'm going to say, in regards to DHS, the whole damn country is their reservation. County sheriff be damned.

    Well, that's probably what they are thinking.
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    Like you said- I think that is their end-game, all powerful and no jurisdictional boundaries...
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    I'll see if I can find any old articles. At the time I was doing occasional project work in Seattle on Lake Union (rhymes with AT&T). A co-worker was having a late dinner on Capitol Hill totally unaware of the degree of rioting going in downtown. As she and her date were walking back to their hotel the encountered a crowd watching the rioting further down the hill. Suddenly the police attacked these onlookers rather than the rioters. She is totally apolitical so was stunned at the overwhelming violence if police against the onlooker crowd. Lots of gas, and flailing batons and shield shoves and boot kicks. She and her date managed to get out with minor bruises and teary eyes but it was the mental shock that rattled her. She had no idea why the police would have attacked the Capitol Hill crowd while the real rioters were busting windows and setting stores on fire.
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