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    Not sure just where this belongs, but in reading it, I see what basically is an Updated Policy for the use of Manned Aircraft, by this Department. This document was likely produced from the original Manned Aircraft Policy Manual, that has been around for decades. Now if we can just get these guys to actually Follow the Policies outlined, and not cut corners, due to Political, or Operational issues... We will see, what happens.... I did notice that there was NO Mention of attachments that Can, Could or can NOT, be attached to the UAV Platform. I would have liked to see something that stated "NO Weapons, or objects of any kind can be dropped, shot, or released from an operational UAV, operating under this Policy and Manual." Sadly there is NO such declaration.... I did see a BIG Protest, by some Residents of Seattle, concerning the adoption of this Policy and Manual.

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    Yes, Seattle has been the proving grounds for rebellion for quite some time, and a solid core of dissidents fuel the campaign even further. I recall the WTO protests around 1999/2000 and the strategy of the .Gov working with local LEO to engage in false flag events which led to violence and the detainment of numerous citizens. I remember Alex Jones covering this and other events where citizens were rounded up and held in makeshift detention centers (prison camps). The local law enforcement had actually funded rogue elements of Anarchists, housing them and using them to incite violence which gave them the justification to crack skulls. With all of this in mind, I can easily see the use of UAV's for intelligence means, and given their motives of the past, I would not count out the use of a payload either.

    Just search "WTO Seattle riot" in YouTube.
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