Seattle port terminal evacuated

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    SEATTLE (Reuters) - A terminal at the Port of Seattle was evacuated on Wednesday and a bomb squad was investigating a ship container that alarmed bomb-sniffing dogs, a port spokesman said.

    Authorities set up a 2,000-foot (610-meter) perimeter around Terminal 18, just south of downtown Seattle, port spokesman David Schaefer said. The U.S Coast Guard also established a 300-yard (274.3 meter) perimeter in the water.

    "There is a bomb disposal unit looking further into the container to try and figure what exactly is in the contents," said Schaefer, noting that there is no radiation from the cargo container.

    The container first raised suspicion when a screening using gamma ray technology about the contents' density did not match the items listed on the ships' manifest.

    Coast Guard Petty Officer Tara Molle said the ship's inventory list indicated the container held oily rags.

    Bomb-sniffing dogs detected the possible presence of explosives. All nonessential port personnel have been evacuated, Schaefer said.

    The Coast Guard did not know where the ship originated.

    The 196-acre (79-hectare) Terminal 18 is the Port of Seattle's largest container terminal and one of the largest in North America.
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    They thwarted another terrorist plot. Yay. Does this mean we can't bring cargo containers on airliners now? If it will make me safer I'll agree to it. :D
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    [LMAO] [fnny]
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    Dang, I bet the guys at the New York Times are wringing their hands today that they didn't learn about the bomb-sniffing dogs first so they could expose them.
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    Speaking of dogs. Is it just me or does any other country in the world promote drug use as we do here? I mean there are people who sniff out drugs for their next hit and that wasn't good enough. We had to get the dogs addicted to it as well. What's next? Political squirrels? Okay, I know it's not really addicting them. It's just a little buzz for doggy. :D
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