secession probably isn't the answer but .....

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Hey, I'm not going to say that a state and it's citizens don't have the right to petition the government to secede but the federal government is a freaking juggernaut.

    Secession attempts are probably going to lead to shootin' and well, so be it.

    But the tool that the states can use, right now, and are using is 'Nullification'
    Government say 'You must participate in Onumbnutz care' Well, not technically, states are saying : "Suck this Trebeck!" and Alabama, Montana and Wyoming said just that !

    Heck even a jury can nullify a law. Let's say it's illegal for someone to have marijuana for medical reasons (federal law), a cancer patient is found in possession of 1 oz of the best BC bud available and is facing 5 years in fed prison (death sentence in their case). Jury says, Yep your guilty but you don't deserve punishment. Bingo, the jury has spoken. they were found guilty but no time will be served. Bam. Jury Nullification.

    IMHO this would a be a great tool to spank the man. I sure hope we can use it on the tax code !
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    If found guilty, nullification did not occur regardless of sentence (which the judge assigns, not the jury.) Had they acquitted the "perp" with clear evidence of guilt, that constitutes nullification.
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    thanks for clarifying.
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    Would sell and move to East Texas in a "skinny minute" if they do succeed in secession. Would hate to leave all these years of work and start over but it would be worth it.
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    I think secession will happen sooner or later,peacefully or not.Looks like we've already passed the point where elections are the answer.
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    If we look at the history nations they seem to grow and then shrink. Breaking up seems to be a natural state as nations grow older and areas develop differently. Once to commonality is gone people want to live with the like minded and not be ruled by those they disagree with.
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    That tendency to subdivide is what the republic form of government is supposed to resist. The gradual shift from republic (with controls to balance out and counter regional interests vs. interests of the whole) to democratic (rule by the majority) has made the division almost unavoidable. Probably the most effective way of balancing things out was eliminated when Federal Senators came to elected by popular vote than by state organizations. When the electoral college is eliminated, there will be nothing left.
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