Second Amendment March

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by ghrit, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Gosh I hope they asked the local police for permission to assemble peaceably...or the Stormtroopers will have to bust some heads and arrest the ne'erdowells! :rolleyes:

    Really wish I could get out to DC for this. There is no better time than now to gather in verrrry large groups as often as possible, and without the aforementioned permits, to let those that think they are in control know that we're not going to put up with their shenanigans much longer.

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    There are some state capitals that are going to see gatherings. Check the website for developments. [winkthumb]
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    O hey I'll have to look into that. We here in MT should definitely be marching in support of this. Thanks! Time to make sure they're reading the pertinent papers [contract]

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    If a city near me has a march, I'll be there.[winkthumb]
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    yes comrades we must all learn to march.
    march to the bread lines and soup kitchens.
    march to the lines for all the various government handouts.
    march in support of our great leader, Chairman Barrack Hussien Obama.
    March to all State functions.
    March to the Re-education Centers
    March to the Work Camps and Gulags.
    We must learn to properly march. For soon we will not be able to afford offensive single transport personal vehicles or their fuel.
    We must march and suffer that our less fortunate comrades be pulled up to our level so that all is equal.
    Now bow comrade for Supreme Czar and Czarina, Obama and Michelle.
    Yes, I think I will join this one last worthwhile March on April 19th 2010 before we continue this slide down this slope to Hell.
    Don't start the Revolution without me, for I think interesting hard times are in store for the future indeed![flag][soap][gun]
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    Re: Second Amendment March (UPDATE!)

    The "Million Gun March on Washington" sent the Internet ballistic when first announced. Book publisher and organizer Skip Coryell was convinced to tone down the rhetoric for what is now The Second Amendment March on Washington, set for April 19. At least 38 states plan related rallies in their capitals, with a goal of all 50 states participating. You can help:

    There's probably wisdom in renaming the event, to cool some firebrands -- especially in a city that will arrest you on the spot for mere possession of an otherwise legal firearm.
    But it's a crying shame we have to chain our speech in such a discriminatory, civil-rights-denial battle. Plans for empty-holster protests and other ideas are proceeding full steam, as this exclusive Page Nine insider report reveals, from one of the organizers to Skip (provided here with Skip's permission):

    "Meeting went well. Had Peter O'Malley there from Staged-Right Productions. We drove around DC, scoped out the march site, attended the meeting, had lunch... the more I got to know him the more I like the guy. He was part of Bush's technical team for all of his events, and worked with Sarah Palin on quite a few of her events. He handles many, many political functions in D.C. and all over the U.S. I was glad to have him at the meeting with me, and it seemed to lend us more credibility in the eyes of NPS (National Parks Service, who coordinates events at the National Mall) because I think they see we are serious and have our ducks in a row.

    "They just asked us what activities we specifically were planning, what speakers/performers were coming, if we planned any other movement within the city (marching), how we will identify our VIP's and others with access to certain areas and a few other questions. They seemed satisfied with our answers. We do not need another meeting with them.
    "Peter will submit a detailed schematic of our rally with all of the equipment diagrammed on there, as well as a full equipment list for NPS. Once that is complete we receive the official permit for the event. Still need to contract out porta-johns, but otherwise, all the other basic needs are taken care of.

    "Peter said that an HQ trailer could be arranged, but those tend to get pricey. The cheaper alternative is another tent, of course. We will already have tents for the information/donation/petition areas, the book sales, VIP tent (20'x 20'), and EMT/medical area. I would like to have coffee urns set up in the VIP tent. We will need a volunteer at the entrance to check for badges/passes to enter that area. As soon as I get some quotes on porta-johns I will put them on the site for people to 'sponsor a john'.

    "Interestingly, at this meeting NPS told me that we COULD sell bumper stickers, as they fall under the category of literature. Go figure. NPS is going to send us a recommendation for where any charter busses could conveniently drop off attendees. DC Police is going to check into the legality of carrying "blue guns" and/or empty holsters. I don't see any ban on that in the law, but you know me -- I like to cover all the bases, every time.

    "I was told by several DC residents that the weather then should be quite pleasant -- anywhere from 55 to 70 degrees and generally sunny. As you know, the week before is apple blossom festival, and there is a good chance the blossoms will be in full bloom when we are there. Peter said that the National Mall will still be PACKED on April 19th due to that festival, and we will likely get many passers-by joining our crowd. As you may recall, the Association of Cancer Researchers is also in town that week (6,000 strong), as well as the Tea Party stragglers. This could be quite big! All in all it went quite well, and I am resting easy tonight."

    Go to the website and get involved, or at least rsvp to attend locally or in the nation's capital:

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    Hey Minuteman. I for one plan on attending. I was just wondering, since the SM shirts no longer are available and the hats didn't seem to take off, if Monkeys could do something to rally and meet and greet one another. The gadsen flag tee shirts are readily available online and that bright yellow stands out. I plan on wearing one of those. Of course even if all SM members wore those, there would still be alot of non-members wearing them also. Just a thought. It would be nice to have a rally point and some way to ID fellow and lady SM members. ???? suggestions anyone?
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    Tyranny Response team T-Shirts from Infowars, ;)
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