Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta tells Congress in 2012 his authority derives from the UN

Discussion in '3 Percent' started by Katana Lee, Oct 7, 2015.

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    Informing Congress that this is policy:

  3. techsar

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    That S.O. ---
    Kindly excuse me from the room, since this is a family forum...........
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    Actually in this area..... speak your mind!!!! We are talking about the country here.....and the defense thereof according to the intent of our founding fathers to maintain a free society!!! Paneta is a POS trying to defer our national prerogative/authority to NATO and the UN as they mandate/allow..... fuck him and what his pals stand for!!!!
  5. techsar

    techsar Monkey+++ Secretary of Defense, should know better than to clearly admit that he is working for foreign governments as opposed to providing leadership for the armed forces of the country...I hold in utter disdain, as I do for others that have descended to the rank of marionette.
    Sessions...should have had the intestinal fortitude to walk down to the smirking, pig-faced traitor and beat him senseless before rescinding any and all authority granted to Panetta.
    Neither IMHO is worthy of the positions they held at that time and should have been removed immediately.
    ...and I did it without cursing ;)
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    Sorry tech.... I tend to drag my knuckles when I get cranky with what I am seeing happening to our once great nation..... fire them all, by ballot box or bullet.... societies option. But the clock is ticking to a point where there is only one option.
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    No apologies necessary! I just prefer to keep things more least initially ;)
    All is fair in war, though...and I fully agree with the "crankiness" aspect...
    Semper Fi[beer]
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  9. Yard Dart

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    Bottom line is, we are losing the battle of thought in this country.... we are deferring to others to support our rights, we are counting on others to vote our way, we are hoping that things get better through government legislation..... it is all B.S. WE are just following what they want us to follow... they give us the options that we have and we get PO'd, yet we just complain. What is the break point, when do WE need to make the changes necessary to get this nation functioning again as a constitutional republic....... ?!


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