SecureIt Agile Model 52 Ultralight Gun Cabinet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OldDude49, Nov 2, 2018.

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    I really like this and it would be a good solution for me. I would probably figure out a way to anchor it down but I like it. My current safe is full.

    I see that "Currently made in China, SecureIt is planning to move production of all their products to the U.S.A. soon" and as soon as I can get one that is made in the USA then I will buy one. Nice catch, OD49!
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    Nice for a build in set up. Reminds me of products that were made in here at one time.
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    Probably those import fees hitting them coming from China now.
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    I once read were some good ol' boys are using the truck bed storage box,Lining it with felt ,Stacking em' deep in the garage and throw parts on top, Kind of like hidden in plain sight deal.
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  6. Big Ron

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    Kind of pricey for what you get. A hidden in the wall thing is more appealing. I remember my friend talking about a fellow who went away for the weekend and someone broke in and put holes through the walls and wrapped a winch cable around the safe and drug it through the house wrecking everything on its way out.
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    That would be as we call them A Friendly Thief, One's who know what you have ahead of time.
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    Yeah like, who needs enemies...LOL!
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  9. Has any one looked at gun safes from Zanotti Armor in Waterloo Iowa. Lots of options. Comes in pieces, you assemble them. Bad thing the is a 12 week lead time for them right now. Zanotti Armor, 2003 Westfield Ave, Waterloo Iowa, 50701,Phone 319-232-9650.
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