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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Redneck Rebel, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I've got some security footage that is in .irf format. I need to extract each camera feed within the .irf into separate video files. Because our court is run by morons I need to piece the footage together and burn it to a dvd that can be played in a standard dvd player. My question is can I extract the feeds and how? Once I've done that I've got the rest under control.
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    LMFAO, the synthesized voice of ConvertX said, "Damn we have a problem" when I tried to use it for the conversion.
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    Solved my problem. In case anyone else ever runs into it the program to convert h.264 .irf backups to individual .avi's for each security cam is IRFTool and can be found here: Downloads « JLE CCTV
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    LOL, I am so glad we could all be so helpful in solving your problem. I myself was forced to swallow the better part of a tumbler of booze while pondering a proper answer to how to help you. [booze]
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    Just to add... I use a program called convertX to burn DVD's...
    it's cheaper and easier to use than Nero plus it lets me burn a lot of diff, formats besides .avi and .mpeg... like .mkv or .ogm and others if you already have a .vob file you dont need to convert just burn it to disk
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