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  1. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    Ok last weekend I was at a winery that was having a craft show signs all over no weapons ok that's fine to me anything is a weapon really depends on what you use it for any they had security guards with metal wands I took my razor my spiderco knife my slingshot cell phone lighter and put in my hat walk up to the guy maybe 22 years old lift my arms he wands me and sends me through my knife belt did not set it off the hard ware in my leg did not set it off he did not wand anything above my arm pits I go to a table where a Lady is checking bags I did not have to but I did I put my hat down and she sees the knives you can't have that ok I leave go out come back in do the same thing put knife in my pocket show the lady my hat and she let's me in nothing about the sling shot was said there security sucks
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  2. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    Wonder how they would detect a Ceramic Knife with a Bone handle strapped to a calf, or thigh..... I had a Commune Mate that was Doing Post Grad work in ceramics for NASA, back in the early 70s, and made some Really Nice Ceramic Kukuri Blades.... wish i had thought to pick up one of those....
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  3. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    Thick wall PVC can be made soft with a heat gun flatten out and a boot knife design draw out in it cut out with a band saw shaped and it will work just the same as a steel blade with in reason.
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  4. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grampa Monkey

    Dragon Glass, aka Obsidian can be knapped into a pretty damn sharp blade, and wrapped with a hard wood handle and wet sinue and you have a blade that cannot be detected! Hint, look for Obsidian that has inclusions, such as crystal, but avoid red banded and gold fleck, as it contains enough metals to set off sensitive equipment like at the TSA scanners!
    Flint can also be knapped into a pretty sharp blade, but its more brittle then Obsidian. Finally, good old school leaded glass can also be knapped into a pretty good blade, should out last even Obsidian, but will never be as sharp!!!
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  5. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    Sling shots are always underestimated. People think Denise the menace, that it's only a childs toy.
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  6. duane

    duane Monkey+++

    Metal canes are always fun. Sometimes need one for balance problems etc. Not a true staff, but but a fairly effective club. Security says no, I ask if they will furnish a wheelchair, an attendant to push said wheelchair and their name or badge no so that if I fall and break a leg etc, who does my lawyer list in the law suit. At this point the one time the "security guard", AKA known as one of the three stooges, called his boss over and he starts to give me troubles. I remind him that it is a public place, I have been told to enter said place, jury duty, and that if he wishes we could contact the government about the access and the ADA act and harassing an elderly citizen with disabilities. At this point his boss comes over and makes an executive decision, I look to feeble to use said ninja cane as a overt weapon and we will allow it thru. When I arrive at the check in, they question me about being late, I explain that it is 2 blocks from the parking to building, the incident with the cane, etc. They give me a "pass" that lets me park in the building, bypass security, and use the employees entrance and elevator. Now they have the "three stooges" out front playing security at a cost to the taxpayers of a couple hundred thousand a year, and the possibility of waving your "pass" at a 4 th security guard as you drive your car full of explosives into the building and park it, because you have a cane. There is security that is needed and then there is security that has become a great scam and a source of income to individuals and companies. In the case of the winery, their insurance company etc probably made them do it. I don't have the problem yet, but a lot of the elderly have a lot of internal metal now, hip joints, back parts, etc, and it drives the metal detectors mad, with the wand type thing, probably 99 % would miss an ankle holster for a back up gun or knife.
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  7. Tempstar

    Tempstar Monkey+++

    When working in Detroit, I carried a 1911 with the slide off in a metal firetruck in carry on luggage for the month I worked there. This was in the '90's, but it still went through the x-ray no problems.
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  8. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    Flying in the 90s didn't suck.
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  9. Altoidfishfins

    Altoidfishfins Monkey+++ Site Supporter+

    In the late 80's, I traveled to Colombia. Stopped on the return trip (no immediate flights to the US available on Avianca) for a two day stay at a hotel in Barranquilla. When packing to leave, discovered 8 rounds of .45 ACP mil hardball in my carry-on, left over from one of my plinking trips in the desert here in the US. I had used the same bag.

    I had begun the trip with it, flew across the southern US through Dallas to Miami. Flew from Miami to Barranquilla and on to a mine in northeastern Colombia. Spent several days there and flew back to Barranquilla all with the ammo in my carry-on.

    Without notifying others traveling with me, I quietly disposed of it at the hotel. And NOT in the trash can in my room!
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  10. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I got busted with an empty .45 case in a jacket pocket last time I flew commercial. You'd have thought it was a bomb, the way they over-reacted.
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  11. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    I used a claymore mine bag as a carry-on for my walk man dog hit on it that was a very long day c-4 smelled was still on the bag
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  12. Thunder5Ranch

    Thunder5Ranch Monkey+++

    LOL they got me with a .22 case that made it through the laundry in a pant pocket.......... They must have thought they captured a Taliban leader the way they over reacted. Vowed I would never fly again after that nonsense.
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  13. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    Many Decades ago, I was a Practicing Powderman, and my Wife and Children gave me a Samsonite Briefcase to haul my Stuff around, while traveling... Over the period of a decade or so, the Plastic Case got very contaminated with various NitroOrganic Compounds... When they started doing Chemical Sniffing of Luggage, It would set off the detecter EVERY Time... Then I had to explain that I was a Practicing Powderman, and had to show one of my State Licenses, and they would empty out my Briefcase and see that there was NO Materials in it that looked like a Bomb, and would let me thru... I then started fly to Alaska a lot, and the Security, and Airport Police got so used to me going thru the Anchorage Airport, they would hear the Alarm, and the Airport Cop who oversaw the Checkpoint would Yell Out, " We know him. Just let him thru..." A decade or two after I quite the Powderman Biz the stink finally wore off, and it no longer sets off the Chem Sniffers, except once, when I spilled some Bullseye in my case, and Oh Boy did TSA get ALL Upset... OH well, they shook out the little bit of Powder left over, and it passed, then I had to refill the Briefcase with all my Electronics, Radios, Papers and Snacks.... I still travel with that Breifcase, it has served me well for 40+ years
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  14. duane

    duane Monkey+++

    Not limited to explosives, some of the chemicals I use in my greenhouse will set off the sniffers, so I take a shower and put on clean clothes before I go into any place with the bomb detecters, the ammonian nitrate is a mixed salt and been treated so it will not explode, but it still will ring their bells. I gave up flying about 5 years ago as just not worth the hassles. I don't know what all triggers it, I reload, shoot black powder, my feed formula in the greenhouse uses ammonian nitrate, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, etc, and it just isn't worth it.
    Quit the powder business 20 years ago, rules and insurance made it a loosing business and to much of a pain. Almost afraid to even shake hands with those still practicing the trade and go somewhere. What a difference from the late 1940's when they sold dynamite in the hardware store and we kept a case in the milk house to blast stumps and rock.
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