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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Blackjack, Feb 22, 2007.

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    damage control, key words, 'hunting' 'I never'. It is (as said many times) not a 'hunting thing', not a 2A 'thing', it is a rights 'thing'. Hunts 200 days a year, wrote all them books, and still don't get it???

    Yea, right..... snowbyrd
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    I was very disappointed in Zumbo, and now Nuge for babying him along. Zumbo logs on, posts another apology, and then does basically nothing through 30 pages and 4 hours of discussion.

    He still don't get it.... he said in this new apology "I was totally unaware that they (AR's) had legitimate hunting purposes"..... So excuse me Zumbo, if they didn't have a legit hunting purpose it would be ok to ban them? Like my snub revolver?

    Face it, he's an old, out of touch, snobby, hunting elitist. And if your gun doesn't fit into his world then it's ok to ban it. He hasn't learned anything from this experience.

    I'm ticked that Nugent is giving him a pass.
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    Zumbo's an idiot; hunting and 2nd amendment issues are two different things..... there I feel better... after 34 pages on the nuges board alone...I 'm sure zunmbo quit reading after page2 like I did...What burns my britches even worse was reading the brady bunches' comments. They didn't takelong at all to add his "testimony" to their cause...Them sick libs will use his comments for years like moses recieving the commandments... with nary an acknowledgement of any appology on zumbo's part.

    The good thing this really shows the numbers that are outthere to move on this issue.The nuge has the charisma and respect of the gun world. He could be the one to rally the troops for a peaceful nationwide march against hr1022.
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    I agree, "F" his "sorry." The damage is done. The only redemption at this point is for Zumbo to get out there and become the paragon of 2A defense issues. He must lead the charge and become a vociferous defender or he is nothing but what he exposed himself to be.

  6. Blackjack

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    He still doesn't understand why what he said was wrong. He still thinks it relates to hunters rights, so Teds assumption he is now somehow "upgraded" is wrong.

    On a (darkly) humorous note, did you see the woman who posted a pic of herself with an AR asking zumbo if she looked like a "terrorist" to him? She had no legs below the knee and no arms below the elbow. A member remarked that Nuge and zumbo should drag her along on their hunt......"drag"?

    I know it was unintended, but I couldn't help but wince and chuckle a little.
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    I tried to register at Ted's site to make a comment and because I use Yahoo as my email addy it is a banned addy !!!
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    I was seriously pissed about being equated with a terrorist because I use semi auto military grade weapons. And as a serving soldier it truly pissed me off that some of my friends are dead from defending this guys right to say stupid stuff and he dishonors them in that way.
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