Seed companies tied to Monsanto

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  1. dragonfly

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    Audubon Workshop
    Breck’s Bulbs
    Cook’s Garden
    Dege Garden Center
    ...Earl May Seed
    E & R Seed Co
    Flower of the Month Club
    Ferry Morse
    Gardens Alive
    Germania Seed Co
    Garden Trends
    Lindenberg Seeds
    McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers
    Mountain Valley Seed
    Park Seed
    Park Bulbs
    Park’s Countryside Garden
    R.H. Shumway
    Rocky Mountain Seed Co
    Roots and Rhizomes
    Seeds for the World
    Seymour’s Selected Seeds
    Spring Hill Nurseries
    Totally Tomato
    T&T Seeds
    Tomato Growers Supply
    Vermont Bean Seed Co.
    The Vermont Bean Seed Company
    Wayside Gardens
    White Seed Co.
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    Good information to know...Monsanto is eviiiiil
  3. IndieMama

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    Wow. They're everywhere!
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    I am awaiting confirmation of these and MORE from a facebook acct.:
    Antiquity Homesteading group.
    If this is correct I have a lot of garbage that I just bought not only from Burpees, but others listed here!
  5. dragonfly

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  6. melbo

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    I think you'd actually have a much shorter list of those who are not Monsanto controlled. Like maybe 0
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    Try not to feel too bad... I found out a coupla years ago and had to pitch a bunch of my seed. Here's another article that's an oldie but a goodie back when Monsanto bought Seminis Seed, A Call to Boycott Monsanto - Seminis Seeds | Farm Wars. The problem is seed isn't labeled for us as being genetically engineered or not like it is for Europeans. In Europe, they have entire websites that tell their gardeners and consumers which seeds are genetically engineered and which products on their grocery shelves include genetically modified organisms. In my dreams could we have information like that available at our finger tips. I've yet to find any website like us for that kinda information but.... I started my own list a while ago and hit over 250 commonly sold seeds that I tracked back to being genetically modified. I threw up my arms in frustration trying to keep track of new introductions and then I figured out a quick fix that worked for me and maybe it could work for someone else.... buy only certified organic heirloom seed. They can't slip em in on us if the seed's certified. The organic certification specifically excludes genetic modification. I pay a little more for sure but.... I hopefully won't ever have to toss out a boatload of seed ever again.
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