Seed planting chart for a family of 4

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Equilibrium, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Thanks for posting. Keeps it simple and it"ll give me a starting point to experiment with so I can see what works for me.
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    I'm so glad you found it helpful. I did too actually. It provides a baseline by which we can sorta gauge where to start. It really feels good once I move from the planning phase.... winter is a nice time and all to organize but come spring.... I've got to be ready to "deploy" so to speak.
    What else interests you since I've been saving PDFs lately.... mostly on chickens and goats but a spattering of other things. I found an electrical for dummies type PDF that I was sorta embarrassed to add since there's so many men here who know all the basics of just about everything but for the most part..... the basics are my speed so that's what I've been gravitating toward saving.
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    Thanks a lot I saved both of those :).
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    Thanks for posting those, I saved both of them. If you have any pdfs on chicken/goats/small livestock, those would be great, too
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    Peege> can you share with me what state you're in but for now.... start with post #1 here, and scroll down looking for the green font and look for links to for poultry goats and rabbits. The site hasn’t been updated in 4 years but…. it’s a good place to start and the material wasn’t actually dated. Next would be this site, Master Publication List: ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. I found the motherload there for my style which is ecologically sustainable… some very good IPM sheets available too.
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    Thanks EQ, I'm in New Jersey for now, but planning on getting down to the BOL in Virginia as soon as possible. Most of my family lives there now, but the wife's family is still here in NJ. Slowly getting them to see the error of their ways and buy into relocating and preparing.
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    Ok.... you're east of the continental divide. That's what I wanted to know. Do you have a native plant society near you? Livestock.... and your pocket.... will do better if you're able to work with your ecosystem not against it. Some of the grasses indigenous to your region will feed critters quite well and they're best adapted to where you'll be raising them so not as much fuss or muss. Especially for the chickens because the indigenous plants really lure in the insects which cuts your feed bills.
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    Southern Seeds

    In the past, we lived in Austin (70s) on 1 ac and I had a 20 by 50 ft garden, and obtained seeds from Burpee and a seed company in Atlanta that specialized in southern gardens. I cannot find the southern seed especially for black-eyed peas, etc.
    We now live on a smaller lot in the San Antonio area and mainly have a container garden (3 Earth Boxes, and one 46" by 46" raised bed from TSC). I generally only purchased non-hybrid models and Heirloom if available. However, Burpee only had hybrid Turnips.

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    get some dried Black eyed peas... and use them for seed... I don't think that they are hybrids...
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    Heirloom Turnip ( and other root crop seeds):
    Heirloom black eyed peas:
    Organica Seeds

    I live in NW Houston and have bought from Ebay as well as Amazon from well reputed sellers. I have currently planted heirloom varieties of:

    Raspberries (two types - black and gold)
    Squash (two different type of winter - acorn and early butternut, plus black zucchini)
    Cauliflower (A really unique seed set, makes all colors of cauliflower - green, orange, yellow, purple, white)
    Peppers (both sweet and hot)
    Potatoes (early red and purple)
    Tomatoes (three types: plum, beefsteak, and cherry)
    Watermelon (moon and stars variety)
    Onions (red and sweet yellow)
    Carrots (a type called Kaliedscope - the root colors vary from orange to purple)
    Purple Spinach (yes, purple)
    Red leaf lettuce
    Romaine lettuce
    Mescaline Mix
    Bunching spring onions
    Musk melons (what we call cantaloupes)
    Sweet peas
    String beans

    In flower pots and window boxes we have herbs

    We did not plant corn this year, we will put corn in another area. We will be planting white (evergreen sweet), yellow (golden bantam), and two varieties of popcorn tom thumb and strawberry. I am looking at possibly planting some field corn if I can find a decent variety that has good disease resistance and high yield. I am also considering laying a field of timothy.

    We also have tobacco, wheat, and other planned post SHTF crops that we test grow every couple of years or so and save seed from.
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    Thanks - I'll order the turnip seeds and maybe one or two other cold weather crops in June.
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    For many neighborhoods and areas with HOAs, how are the people going to survive a long term disaster? I am growing more this yr, but it would not be enough, and the garden plot required is larger than my allowable area.
  15. Falcon15

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    My take...

    Lets break this down into sections:
    Depends on the disaster, and how long they will be reliant on just what food they have stored and what they can produce. HOA's just may be a moot issue. Total break down of rule of law scenario - the Home Owners Association is going to be the least of your worries. Their silly rules will mean nothing any longer. Extended natural disaster scenario - what you have stored (theoretically) should carry you and yours through.

    If the complete rule of law breaks down, you will be able to expand beyond your "allowable area", since silly things like Home Owners Associations are going to be, as I said before, the least of your worries. Think of your current garden as your practice, gaining skill now while you can afford mistakes. If you wish to expand your gardening, consider container gardening on your patio, above ground or raised bed gardening (using the SFG method or French method). Space intensive gardening reduces the footprint of your garden space, increases the normal yields per square foot, and are pretty to look at.

    Another thing to consider is something I call "stealth" gardening. Remove your decorative plants and replace them with fruit or herb bearing plants. In other words - take out those petunias and put in lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint. Remove those box shrubs and put in dwarf fruit trees. Take out those hideous crepe myrtles and put in multi-variety apple trees, peach trees, pear trees, any citrus tree...the possibilities are near endless. The rule here is if it does not produce something edible or useful it is not planted. Ever.

    Additionally, check your HOA rules about rabbits (stealth livestock for the burbs that make little to no noise, produce tons of excellent fertilizer, useable pelts - if you know how to tan - as well as more meat per ounce of food than even cattle). Some HOA's have no rules about rabbits, but even if they do, the rabbits can be raised in your garage. out of sight, out of mind.

    Got a decorative pond? Expand it, stop using chemicals in it and raise fish for eating. Koi as well as Tilapia are excellent small space producers - just study up on aquaculture. It would be horrific if you raised a mess of fish, inadvertently put some poison in and get sick eating the fish, or even die.

    Anyhow, These tips and tricks are my take on the issue of HOA's. YMMV. To quote BTPost.....

    When the fecal material matches coordinates with the oscillating air mover, you will be 1000% more prepared than 99.95% of your neighbors simply for putting in a garden. Prepare for the worst, pray for the best.
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    Thank you so much!
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