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    I looked at a few of their offerings. I found at least one that held my interest. A bush bean called "mexican red". a "sale" seed packet of 25 seeds was listed at $1.25. ...... a 1/2 pound (575 seed) bulk purchase was listed right at $14.00. So if you are interested in the 1/2 pound quanity, the price doesn't look so bad for bulk when you consider 25 goes into 575 = 23 times. 23 times $1.25 = $28.75
    or sale ... 25 seeds @ $1.25 X 23 packets = 575 seeds @ $28.75
    .....................................1/2 pound bulk = 575 seeds @ $13.99
    I had not seen this "Mexican Red" listed elsewhere .....
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    Yeah, I've found some cool stuff. The bulk prices are way better, but I'm using the packets to fill in the gaps. Plus, I get the packets for things like pumpkins, which I'll have tons of seeds from, and I don't need lots year 1.
  4. Thanks for the link. They have some pretty cool stuff on there. Lots of how-to's and education on there which helps out.
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    You can buy some heritage seeds most anywhere. Dried beans like Limas, pintos, black eyes, reds, navy, all will reproduce. Many seed stores carry non hybrid corn. Tomatoes like Rutgers and Romas are easily available. Will be hitting the stores shortly to buy this year's seeds. They will go into the freezer till spring. Tilling the turnip(purple top) patch tomorrow and will plant about Friday along with the greens. Collards going in asap also. Might be a long cold winter.
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