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    I don't know if anyone one is interested or not but here we go....For a couple of years now, I have been trading seeds with people where I live and on other forums. The rules are this: Seeds must be open pollinating or heirloom. No hybrids. If you post your list to be traded, you supply the stamp and envelop. The goal is not to start an entire garden for someone but instead to introduce them to a variety that they don't have. For most varieties, try to enclose 10-12 seeds. Some people may be looking for flower seeds as well......same rules apply to them as well. Bulbs and bare roots are out, it's too much of a risk to send them unless you really know what you are doing and really trust the post office. Good luck and have fun!

    Here's my list of seeds available:

    1. Ferry's Round Dutch Cabbage (Cold tolerant cabbage that weighs 3-5 pounds)
    2. Jalapeno Pepper
    3. Sweet Banana Pepper
    4. Long Thin Cayanne Pepper
    5. Jubilee Tomato (Low acid gold to orange fruit with thick walled meat)
    6. Rutgers Tomato (Large red fruit with thick solid meat)
    7. Brandywine Tomato (Large pink to red Heirloom fruit weighing up to 1 pound)

    Here's my list of seeds that I am currently looking for:

    1. Red Cabbage
    2. Sweet Basil
    3. Red Bell Pepper
    4. Yellow Bell Pepper
    5. Tabasco Pepper
    6. Mr. Stripey Tomato

    As I get more seeds available or run out, I will post to let you know!
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    I'll have to get in on this. I'll check and see what seeds I have at home tonight.
  3. annie

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    I saw this when you first posted and it sounds like a good thing to do. Silly as it sounds I have been a seed saver for years. Problem is, most often they don't get planted. What do you use to store your seeds in and to use as a mailer ? Hopefully we will be moving soon and will be able to order seeds. Sure am hoping to put in at least one cold frame too ASAP.

    All of that means, I'd love to participate soon as I have viable, labeled seed. annie
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    I make sure each variety that I have is clean and dry. They then each get their own envelope that is tagged with all available information about that variety. I then place those envelopes inside of a freezer bag and keep them in the freezer. I have never had any problems with any of my seeds. When I send them out, each variety is again, in its own envelope that is then placed inside of a bubble envelope to be mailed. I have just recently started using the bubble envelopes due to the fact that it is becoming a comon practice on most forums and has been for most seed banks. Just today, I have traded on 4 different forums for a total of 22 new varieties that I didn't have before. I never trade something that I haven't already tried myself....I don't want anyone to be disapointed and no longer want to trade with me because I recieved bum seeds and didn't know about it. Besides the forums, I have a small group that I trade with in my area. Each year this group seems to grow and everyone always has new things in their garden. At last count, I have 25 different varieties of tomatos alone. I have not had a chance to test the seeds on all of them yet but as I do, I try to make them available for trade. I hope that I answered your questions. Also, if you see something on my list that you would like but don't have something on my want list, feel free to make me an offer. Very rarely do I turn down an offer, as long as it is within reason. The object is to not only get new varieties for yourself but also to help others get new varieties that they don't have.
  5. hacon1

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    A real quick note, I am starting to run low on my Jubilee Tomatos. If I run out, I will post to let everyone know.
  6. annie

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    Ok, didn't make myself clear as mud, so I try again. My Mother's green thumb extended to her elbow and I seem to be acquiring the disease. ie have seed 1. not labeled. nah, I'll never forget that those are miniature cox combs from Indiana or was it Missouri ? lol 2. these seeds reside in plastic sandwich bags, toe of pantyhose (garlic), mailing envelopes, little brown envelopes -- like banks used to use. Isn't there something a bit more specific ???

    I have a bag or two that never gets totally unpacked, so it's just like christmas time when I start digging around in it. Then there is dill from Akron....... it's about 15 years old can't wait to see if it will grow. are these common enough symptoms of ?

    Currently have saved acorn squash in green as well as yellow. will a touch of mold hinder the growing capability ? Also had pumpkin recently and saved seed (not a great variety, but figure it would be better than none), way to mild for my taste & to watery, even tho I baked it. ok, enough whining.

    I read up a tiny bit on tomatoes & think brandywine is going to be one of my first choices. Glad you started this. annie
  7. hacon1

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    I tend to use mailing envelopes. It gives me plenty of room to write all of my info that I need. There really is no perfect system. Whatever works best for you. I, personally need the info on my envelopes. I have 4 different seeds of the same type of plant that produces different outcomes. As I test my seeds, I find out which ones are best suited for my needs and those are the ones that I grow. I have a friend that lives 6 blocks over and he might have better outcomes with one of the others. Just an example.

    It sounds like you are well on your way. Now you just need to figure out what all you have and trade some of your extras for things that you don't have and would like to try.

    Mold on seeds is a really bad thing!!!!!! You need to discard those seeds.

    Brandywine is probably the best, all round, general tomato that is not a hybrid. It is a very hardy plant that tends to produce very well. You won't be disapointed!

    One thing that I have learned that has helped me is this: I trade for things that I will never use myself other than to test and get more seed from. Someone will always be looking for something you might not want. They will be willing to trade for what you do want. This is why I always say, make me an offer. My problem is that I live in town and don't have a lot of room. I try to grow what I need and then I grow news things every year to test out new seeds that I have traded for. I also grow a few things on other properties that don't belong to me (with friends and families permission of course). This helps me from cross polinating and creating a hybrid that I will never be able to use again. I usually have some kind of deal where they can eat as much as they want, as long as I can get the seeds that I need. It works out well.

    Glad I can help and when you are ready to trade, let me know and I will be more than happy to make a deal with you!
  8. hacon1

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    I just added 3 more types of seeds to my "have for trade" list.

    1. Muskmelon
    2. Sweet Fennel
    3. Lettuce (Color Salad Blend - assortment of leaf and buttercrunch types).

    Hopefully I will have a few more types ready, shortly after the holiday's are over.
  9. hacon1

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    I am starting to run low on the Ferry's Dutch round cabbage seeds. I have enough left to do 1-2 more trades for anyone that is interested.

    Hopefully I will have more available later this year!
  10. hacon1

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    I am now out of muskmelon and lettuce. Thank you to all for the trades on these items. All of the other seeds are still available.
  11. hacon1

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    I have added the following seeds to my list of available for trade:

    1. Brussels Sprouts-Catskill
    2. Cabbage-Copehagen Market Early
    3. Lettuce-Great Lakes #118
    4. Onion-Evergreen Bunching
    5. Bell Pepper-California Wonder 300 TMR
    6. Cubanelle Pepper
    7. Red Cherry Tomato-Large Fruited
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