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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by DKR, Jun 27, 2018.

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    This may very well be a great idea.

    Until today, I hold exclusive rights to the digital version (PDF) of a (soft cover) book written by a friend of mine. When I first began selling them, I had them listed at something like $4.99USD. Sold hardly any. As I slowly increased the price, sales increased.
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    LOL - there is more than enough hard and soft core porn sold on Amazon, I don't need to add to it...

    Thanks - and yes @Motomom34 , I don't do soft porn. But I have been accused of writing romance novels. One of my Beta readers made the comment that almost all of my stuff is a love story, one way or the other....

    The Man Out of Place has a few risque scenes to make a point about the society of the novel.... It also brings Fifth Generation warfare to a world where WWII never happened! Had a lot of fun with that one.

    In First Strike, Nora and AL become husband and wife, with a baby making an appearance before the book is finished....
    In between, they whack a bunch of bad guys, save a few people and get a town back on its feet...

    Just wait till you meet Tina in Book 2 - Going Home..

    As for the suggestions, they are well intentioned, Thank You for the suggestions - but they don't follow the plot time line.
    Rescue goes badly. (little girl dies in the snow)
    Crew gets snowed in
    The Chernyi strikes
    Al and Nora take off together on their adventure. I wrote this so my (then) 10 Y/O grand-daughter could read the story.
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    ah, interesting. Raise the price, get more sales??
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    If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'. I couldn't believe it, myself.

    Heck, I once listed a soft cover copy of the book, on eBay. Two guys got into a bidding war and ended up at some outrageous amount for the cost of the book - like maybe $25 USD? I felt so bad about his being willing to pay so much for it, that I told him I would send a copy of another book we sold at the time, along with it. I wanted to make it a fair deal for him.

    What I am getting at here is, people will often pay anything, even a heck of a lot more than something is worth. They feel like the book is worth little, if it is listed for very little. Still, a lot of it is proper marketing, I'm sure. Besides, what have you go to lose, especially if sales are down anyway?
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    OK, I'll give it a shot - what can I lose as you say. I have reset the price range on all of the books. I originally had the Roll call and Man out of Place priced at 5.99. I saw some sales, but...
    And since folks seem to be in the mood.. From Tales of the Chernyi, some of which I have posted here

    Based on reader feedback, this is a collection of six short stories set in the World of the Chernyi. It explores other areas impacted by the First Strike and looks at the possible future - a future in the World of the Chernyi.

    While a series of short stories, this is the largest book in
    the series, introducing you to an entirely new set of characters.

    Steven Stone - Trapped in a flooded city, Steve makes improvised gear that saves his bacon. Pretty slick moves from a ham radio operator and computer fix-it guy.
    So - for you, the reader, don't sweat having a ton of money to buy survival gear. Go with what you can find. Steve did.
    This story also serves as the short version of the events leading to the World of the Chernyi, in other words, not a bad place to start...

    Jim Mead - just what will you or can you do when traveling away from home and everything falls apart? While heading back to his wife, he seems to accumulate friends along the way. In this massive a disaster, friends can be in real short supply... Jim's story has information you can use, today.

    Octavia Adairia Munroe Stone - A clever woman. A strong willed woman. And a woman that discovers some surprising talents as she struggles to keep her children and home safe in uncertain times. Battling the chaos and the assumed loss of her husband, Octavia quickly discovers that a large family is a true treasure in interesting times.

    Lyle Elkins - set six years into the future after the First Strike,
    society is now very different even as the struggle for day to day survival wanes. Hams should like this one, it's radio-active. When the telephone system ceases to exist, what can be used for the vital communications that absolutely needed to tie a nascent society back together?

    Mike Hardesty - Everybody has a new way to make a living, even in the
    (restored) Republic of Texas. Working with his partner and mentor, AJ Bell, Mike has to solve a mystery in order to get his girl. A who done it, with a twist.

    Sethur Silver - An orphan from the Before. Ten years into the future, and it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Follow Sethur as he tried to help The Folk from Avondale find a new home - a home away from the chaos.
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    where is my smack down button? @ochit that was a complete troll. You are getting as bad as Kellory was.

    I liked @Dunerunner version, DKR yours is too long and too wordy. Dunerunner condensed it very well and wrote it in a more grabbing format
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    He asked I gave an assessment I am sure Mickey Spillane could write historical and biography of some ancient individuals but, he wants to sell books you can be really good and starve ask any great artist like Lautrec, El Greco, Van gogh, Gauguin .
    How many people remember the Silver medalist in the last 10 Olympic games or who came in second in any match game or race ? Did they train less did they not sweat as much have as much pain or not have to overcome as much. Sadly we will never know tens of thousands crash the wall but few get over. and fewer still make any money at it.

    If I were trapped in an elevator with the champion bowler, competitive speaker, fastest speed walker, deepest free diver, most notable ornithologist, or most recent chess champion I woun't know, wouldn't care all I would want to do is get the hell out of that elevator. I ate with a war veteran with numerous medals every day I was not required to salute or stand at attention that was my father, I make no money get no attention or adulation for buying reading or promoting anything anyone I am in all aspects a "free agent" DRK I imagine is a better than Tom Clancy but he asked how to become financially successful. Look at it like a knife fight if your tactics are not working change tactics. and I hope your not belittling crotch novelists some are very wealthy and have a following of millions. In order to become successful you have to give people what they want you did not like my idea and the public is not clamoring for DRK's body of work as is and given that information I gave an option it wan not a command demand or even compulsory just an opinion to try another door I am sure Monty Hall wanted to be a serious actor but all I remember him as is the host of lets make a deal.I did not intend to troll or lampoon DRK or his work It was not an attempt to be funny it was a a real opinion smut sells crap sells every night some unknown carnival huckster sells millions of dollars of Shawallas ear ring backers and pseudo pressure washers and pants that look like they should be worn at a clown school. HSN and 10 other channels sell in Spanish Korean Vietnamese and English. DRK may need to find a way to do a book tour of his own making at gunshows prepping outlets where he can offer a portion instead of a sale on his books give that to the online company as an incentive to promote them.

    In order to sell you need an audience that grows and by numbers if DRK had 10 online avenues went on some pod cast or built a pod cast of his own and ask other authors to come on his show and they all could get a leg up. the market place is not going to beat a path to your door you have to break down the barrier to their mind you have to incentivize others to sell for you or you must alter your methodology many have paid to have their first book printed and most people cannot afford to take that risk because it is a risk.

    DRK have you offered any of the hundreds of online sellers resellers of preppers goods to host your books for a decent percentage of the cost lets say 60/40 have the logo art in a PNG format with a book jacket like I see on Amazons site ? I had a site that linked to others I had sales from over 80 countries the Internet is a big place and people need items to sell that do not cost them up front or click through to a site to your site. Like any good business owner you have to wear many hats accountant manager sales rep floor washer stocker complaint manager.
    In this case you may have to do a lot of emails to online companies offering a split you may have to setup a click bait site or a site of your own and advertise adventure prepping hunting camping or trips off your site to get traffic its traffic traffic traffic Paypal sales offer bundled, your book with some other item like a fire steel or a DVD of free online information stuff that you can compile and give with your book sales. I did it I did not make it rich but I paid my bills and made a lot of friends I sold their stuff they sold mine we helped others the Internet version of personal networking it is no longer press the flesh or meet the public business cards or billboards it's a splash mouseover in the corner it's getting your book jacket 1X1 inch emblazon or icon on all the web site pages you can buy domain names with duplicated web pages look copy and do what successful people are doing online and have a site counter their free cut copy paste or use WIX page builder host with Go Daddy have email links with auto responders w/ a intro and compelling paragraph of the book your promoting find free offers to link to on your site, people like free stuff if one in a hundred buy a book that's about the numbers you can expect, so you need traffic link to Alex Jones Joe Rogan L. A. Marzulli all of the new marketing is translated to digital you can track your sites by phone respond to email send pics host videos.

    I might be a troll but I;m not, I know how to sell what sells and how to sell it and if your pride or willingness to expand your knowledge base to the digital age and do all your web pages advertisement and make connections to network your ideas products and presence and your face into the cold harsh faceless internet your going to have a real barrier to success.

    Ive sold toilet paper gun parts used boats cars news magazines informational DVD's metals, dog toys, mower parts, racing fuel oil and tires if it did not work I tried in in conjunction or sold something else combined, without by the case by the each delivered in person by mail by truck by the piece by the pound and the ton interstate international and next door, the world is an onion it has layers and niche markets takes time to evolve immerse yourself and figure out how it works I worked 2 years before I started to get traction because I did not know what was still evolving or how I had to copy watch research other web sites and still I knew I could only by increments penetrate specific markets and some there is too much competition to make any money try selling computer parts on Ebay sales is a contact blood sport and it's green blood your either taking the food from someone else children's mouth or starving your own people will accuse of being a con artist a liar a clown an ass or a troll but every human is a chew toy no business or product sold has not had its pain or trouble to market no one is special nothing is sacred to the winner go the spoils and to the loser not one damn thing. it is no lesser true of love war family or dog training you get nothing for nothing. if it's not working your doing it wrong because someone before any of us did it and made money those same people that could translated it to the digital age and are still making money. So is it the product the method or the mark ( sucker your selling to) is your dog to fluffy, your cat to small your car to old your mamas sick your candidate didn't win my team colors were wrong I forgot my lucky key chain ? Wwhen I look at myself it is was and always will have been me that won lost or failed and I have failed but I have never given up one deal came through a few months ago it took 15 years, try that on.
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    No, he asked opinions on how to introduce his book so that it captured the readers attention and made people want to hit the buy button.
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    The best way to market it would be to add, "Free hooker with every purchase." That would capture my attention, for sure!
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    Except the hookers in Spenard are the ugliest in the States....

    I've raised the price, now waiting for the sales numbers. to rocket..... I'll post how this works over the next 90 days.
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    @Asia-Off-Grid It's been a week (7 days since the price bump and I've mad e a sale. Hope this continues/picks up.
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    I bought one of your stand alone books and am really enjoying it. The preface was very attention grabbing. (y)
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    If I may ask, which one? AManOutOf Place?
    That was great fun to both write and research...

    I am always looking for feedback...
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    Hearts True Flight. The first chapter reads like the start of a well written romance novel but from the preface, I know it will not be. Not sure if I am phrasing that properly but you were former Air Force so there will be true learning/facts sprinkled in an entertaining novel.
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    I really did write that for submission to Harlequin Romance books. So much, too much actually, of the genera has turned into soft-core porn. I don't do that... So, it was written so my (then) 10 Y/O grand-daughter could read it. I think it's a fun story, with a couple of plot twists and language no worse than found on TeeVee these days.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Sadly, to submit to (Penguin) Harlequin, I would now have to do it thru one of their "approved" agents. In this case agent = editor, so not going to happen. I don't feel like paying to submit a book that might not get picked up.... The policy change occurred shortly before I finished the book, so I put it up on Amazon. I get solid reviews, but sales have been....slow, to say the least. I have no clue where to market such a work - and being a guy doesn't help. :p
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    Make it into an audio book, lots of people like myself have no time to sit down and read but can listen to a book while they work.
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    A lot of my conversations tend to end up similarly.

    Here's hoping they continue to improve! [beer]
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    Another 7 days gone by - no sales. Like I said, I'm willing to go 90 days to see if this (eventually) picks up.
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    Well, End of Month - total sales, 6 books across the line. One day, 5 books were sold, and suspect to one of the Monkeys...all of the World of the Chernyi series.

    Two months to go.
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    You're just not getting enough publicity....
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