SEER training...Nam style

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by CATO, May 21, 2012.

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    Typical of this type "education" is the use of water from a water bladder.

    Who in their right mind would waste drinking water to make mud!
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    An officer ?
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    now, now ... lets not get personal..... ;)
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    No kidding...hide your gear in a swamp, then go somewhere else to make some mud.

    My favorite was taking the time to put opaque mud to hide the shiny face, then using shiny nylon/silk? for a do-rag, which didn't really do much to break up the roundness of the head.

    ...and the music. Classic.
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    Hey...this was for pilots...Air Force no less.

    It is about 12 minutes...the outer limits of their attention spans and uses really simple concepts so they don't get lost...

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    Well i have to admit the AF with certian exceptions dosen't normally crawl around in the mud... or have as many classes in some of the skills used by the branches that are jelous of our bases, golf courses, clean sheets and airconditioning... but i find that when the sh!t is deep we seem to be the ones called upon to save your collective butts....;)[stirpot]
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    Yeah gotta admit more than once I was REALLY happy to see F-4s (especially when they were flown by Navy or Marines)[stirpot]
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    The ones WITH the M61 Vulcan..right? :D
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