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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by kckndrgn, Jan 10, 2008.

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    OK y'all help me out here. I would like to find a "reasonably" price grain mill for making my own flour. Now here's the reaonsable part. I can really on spend about $150.00 on the mill.

    I've found and read a couple of reviews online (one here

    I like the "Family Grain Mill" due to it's options and expanablility. I don't like the review that says it takes to passes to get a grind fine enough to use the flour.
    I like the ability to use it either with electric or hand crank, add meat grinder ( and different disks for different grinds), etc.

    Basically what the wife and I would like to do is get a small amount of wheat, grind some and bake some bread, make some pancakes, etc. with it and see how we like it and make sure that it is something are able to do before getting several months supply of wheat.

    what are your thoughts and ideas?

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    We have three grain mills.

    You probably want the Back to Basics grain mill.
    Here's an example: I got mine for about $60 back in 1999. It works fine for making flour - it's just a bit slow. But it is perfectly adequate. It even grinds corn which is much oilier. When grinding corn in in, I use a chopstick to poke around in the hopper to keep the corn flowing. I also have to disassemble it more often and clean it - just use a toothbrush (dry).

    I got tired of messing with the corn so I bought my favorite grain mill - a Corona Go here: and scroll down. I got mine from these people for $35. It is the AK of grain mills. It was designed to grind corn for tortillas - it won't do wheat into flour very well (not fine enough). Looks like the same site as the Back to Basics for a much more reasonable price.

    Then I finally broke down and bought the Country Living Grain Mill from Frugal's store. It's wonderful. And expensive. And if you aren't gonna make a lot of bread - you probably don't need it.

    Anyway, that's what we did - hope it helps.

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