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    Seriously, the forum just ate the post. awesome. I don't know if I have the temerity to do the whole damn thing over again. I had a lot of research invested in it. I guess i'll sum it up.

    BRAIN (These things WILL increase an aspect of your brain)
    1. Exercise (walk, run, bike, or move some how for at least an hour uninterrupted every day)
    2. Supplements (Vit B5, D, Omega-3, vinpocetine, Choline, Huperzine-A, Alpha-GPC, CDP-Choline, Coluracetam, Primaracetam, Aniracetam, IDRA-21)
    3. Read
    4. Write
    5. *Oxygen supplement? Needs more research*
    6. Breathing Exercises / Tai Chi

    BODY (These things WILL improve some physical attribute)
    1. Exercise (weights, walking, jogging, hiking, etc. Get out doors)
    2. SMELL:
    3. SIGHT: Lasik, Coluracetam will regenerate or improve optic nerves. Vit A, carrots.
    4. HEARING:
    5. Diet. You know if you are eating stuff that is bad for you. Do I need to go in depth?
    6. Muscle. Electronic muscle stimulators work. PRP therapy looks really good.
    7. Breathing Exercises / Tai Chi

    1. SEX. Getting laid is a morale booster.
    -Guys: the game (book), the lay guide(150pg article), Game on (movie), Jelq(exercise), stacking Technique
    -Girls: Seriously, if you like a guy, just ask for sex and you'll probably get it.
    2. Family. Fighting for loved ones is just about the best morale booster you can find.
    3. Certain drugs and herbs boost morale. This may vary depending on person.
    4. Media. Music and Movies that inspire you build morale.
    5. Breathing Exercises / Tai Chi

    High blood pressure - cholesterol comes from one source: animal products. Reduce them and increase veggies/fruit/etc. Salt doesn't cause it, just aggravates it. Exercise lowers blood pressure. Walk for an hour uninterrupted every day. Cut the caffeine/stimulants.

    SMOKING - I have heard (but not tried) LSD therapy and hypnosis are very effective. Those are two VERY potent cures from what I gather.

    DRINKING - Alcohol is a depressant. It is a useful tool for troops, workers, and poets but it will slow you down. If you are a physical person, athlete, heavy lifter, writer, creative, etc it will help you. If you are emotional, active, or a thinker, it will hinder you. You need to decide which you are and BE it.

    Breathing Exercises. It is said that a man who can control his breathing can do anything. I think there is some truth to this and it is a very under-used discipline. There are volumes on breathing, mostly in the chinese/martial arts fields. I'll find some links
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    Physical fitness enhances your mental fitness - so start with that. I typed an answer till I saw this thread was 3 years old and really science fiction.

    Since we are asking I will take a new bionic body :)
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    The post is not 3 years old, I have been a member for 3 years. The post is a couple of days.
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    Self-improvement is a biggie on my list.Not only getting in shape but learning to care for ailments without being dependent in prescription medication. Do do get hung up and go round and round on one issue. This may not be the area to post it but......

    High blood pressure. My husband has high blood pressure. He takes prescription medication and it is controlled. I would like to get him off the medication but... we are experimenting with eating. Now here is the issue. If SHTF and things ever collapsed chances are his blood pressure would go up due to stress. I also notice that some of the dehydrated food has a high sodium content.

    It seems to go in circles. If we get his BP regulated naturally but SHTF it will go up. Salt is a great for preserving meat but it will effect his BP.

    Has anyone worked through this situation? How would one improve this situation?
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    One more time!
    I need a personal trainer with a LOT of patience...
    I have high cholesterol ( the bad one),..Overwight by about 35-40 lbs, and smoke.
    My first concern is to QUIT smoking!
    Tried all the regular stuff, nicorette gum, and eating hard candies, even lemon drops until it made me ill!
    Anyone got a good way to stop this beast?
    Doc gave me a prescription for something that the pharmcay wanted me to pay $600 for...
    Uh...That won't work.
    That just makes me want another cigarette!
    I have Found a way to cut down on salt (which i love on almost every food) I use lemon juice from fresh lemons, and it works!
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    Dragonfly I wish you all the luck in quitting. I am in the same place. I refuse to do the medication because I don't like drugs. Have you heard of auricular therapy? Basically they zap you in the ear. It is pretty cheap & I have heard it is pretty successful. I tend to become a very unpleasant person(that b word) in the past when I quit. I will keep you posted after my zapping.
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    Some tell me I am worse than a bear at feeding time when I go withut nicotine for more than a few hours...I'll admit it is a LOT harder than when I was younger! I quit once for 6 whole months, then I went home! I have heard of getting shots in the ear, and even tried several "homegrown" remedies, one was putting a horse hair into a cigarette and smoking it, that only makes ya sick! Another one was to chew a cigarette like it's pouch tobacco...that only makes ya sick too! I have tried herbal stuff, chewing mint leaves, and mixtures (concoctions) of honey and various herbs, nothing seems to be as effective as I have been told. The ONLY sure fire way to quit, is to be left in the middle of nowhere with not so much as an ashtray! Bic type Lighters are ok, but to break the hand to mouth reflex, it's going to take a complete removal of any and all things possible, you could even try to light up and stick in your face...Now the cats are worried! I have even been eyeing a pine tree! I wonder, can you get anything from a pine cone?
    This is VERY bad! But, I have gone from 4 packs a day ( oh yeah) down to less than 2 packs a day,...Still I want to quit entirely! Thanks for the encouragement motomom!
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    If you can't quit then get an electronic cigarette.

    When I quit I decided I was done and made it happen. Nothing was going to change my mind. The key is knowing that there are two kinds of people in the world: smokers and non smokers. The trick is to figure out which one you are and to BE it.

    BTW, becoming an asshole for a few weeks is a pretty small price to pay for being able to breath, run, and smell again.
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    I've got the SMELL part down...
    I mean,...... oh well!
  12. I watched my dad quit cold turkey after 30 years of smoking.
    No drugs, no supplements, no electronic cigarette.
    I worked with him at the time and the first month to two months were insane. He was pissed off 24-7, which he will deny, but he fought through it.
    It's tough but you have to get your mind set.
    One thing I've noticed is people will do something for someone else before they do it for themselves. Quit for your kids, grandkids, or you significant other.
    Do it so you can live longer and have more time with them.

    I wish you all luck, that is a tough one!
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    I have seen people who said they wanted to quit smoking go to jail where they can not smoke and 90 days later when they got out the first thing they did was light one up.
    So being away is not enough.
    When the SHTF and you cannot get cigarettes will the people around you be willing to put up with you ?
  14. enloopious

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    A lot of the supplements that I put in the BRAIN section will reduce or eliminate the desire to smoke. I would recommend that if you are going to try quitting that you get most, if not all of those supplements. The ones listed work with each other and can and should be taken together.
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    I am an ex smoker. I tried lots of ways, some were better than others, the trick is...
    Great that you have managed to get down from 4 packs a day to 2 packs a day, maybe make a new target of 1 pack a day and a block of walking...and I say that encouragingly, not to deride in any way
    I finally ended up using Champix the last time I quit ( about 7 years now) although I had quit one time for 5 years on a bet cold turkey
    but I make the decision not to smoke almost daily.
    My friends wife summed up it very well and I have copied it.....I am one cigarette away from a pack a day habit
    No how many times you start agin, you just have to quit one more time than that......not easy, hang in there, keep trying

    believe it or not, you CAN do this
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