Selling ammo?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by oldman11, Jan 13, 2021 at 6:52.

  1. oldman11

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    Anyone selling their ammo they don’t use? At the price ammo is now should I sell down and just keep 100 rds for each center fire and 500 rds .22lr? I will keep all my shotgun ammo. What are your ideas? .22lr @.20+per rd,.30-30@$3.00+per rd is unbelievable. You would get a big return on your dollar,but you might not be able to get anymore if you need it. What would you do???? That much return over what I paid is hard to turn down.
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  2. johnbb

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    I would not yes the price is high now but --down the road it may be priceless
  3. VisuTrac

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    It depends.
    Do you think that ammo is going to be cheaper in the future .. or unobtainium?
    How much do you expect to shoot over the balance of your lifetime.
    Do you have enough? for practice, hunting, self defense?
    Do you want to have enough to pass to kids and grandkids if the stuff is unobtainium.

    Keep maybe 1k each caliber in stock? I dunno, each person is different.
    Some people won't feel they are stocked until they have 5 or 10K for each caliber.
  4. mysterymet

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    On this the sentiment is always buy, never sell.
  5. oldman11

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    I’m going to listen to your opinions about selling and I will keep what I have. You are right about being able to buy ammo in the grandkids will need what I have left,as I’m 78 yrs old now. Thank,you
  6. SB21

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    I spent 200 bucks on ammo yesterday,, way more than what it should have cost. But it was easier to spend the money for a few extra rounds than to dig up the stash.
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  7. snake6264

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    Sell ????? you may need it
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  8. Gator 45/70

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    Go for it Pops,Every swinging heehaw down south is asking a buck a round for rifle.
    Primers are at a premium too,Like 200.00 per 1K
  9. wideym

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    I'd say sell...if you have plans for the money, otherwise no. I sold 20 guns out of my collection to help fund the M79 and other projects. Prices are high on just about all guns and ammo right now so it's a great time to sell not buy.

    At the gunshop I help out at, most common calibers are gone, and even some calibers I never thought would run out of has disappeared. The idea of replacing ammo at prices you can afford later down the line may be a dicey situation. I do hope your grandkids appreciate your foresight to possibly provide them with a means to shoot, hunt, and maybe protect themselves later in life, but I see more and more youngsters willing to trade in their legacy for a new Iphone or latest gaming console.
  10. Cruisin Sloth

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    All good to ask , but real good folks here, tell the truth, need Coin ? maybe , but opening a door now , at this time ,might be a real bad choice .
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  11. Big Ron

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    I figure I could trim things down to a shotgun and a .22 rifle and take care of business with them. I wouldn't sell any ammo unless you are swimming in insane amounts of it. I get company ads in my email, people are trying to sell guns but have no ammo for these guns. I bought a deer rifle and a nice scope awhile back and I guess buying a few extra boxes of shells was a good idea since 6.5cm ammo is unavailable or priced insanely.
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  12. BTPost

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    6.5 cm ..... ??????
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  13. VisuTrac

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  14. BTPost

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    cm also stands for centimeter. That is an awful big projectile for a handheld weapon...
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  15. Gator 45/70

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  16. Merkun

    Merkun furious dreamer

    2.5 inches, more or less bazooka round at 2.36 inch diameter.
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  17. Big Ron

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    I let it slip out about how it's a cannon I hold up to my shoulder on a stock, dam.
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  18. oil pan 4

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    Ummm yeah I though I covered this.
    Hell even the 12ga birdshot is selling out here at walmart.
    I relisted a 12ga buckshot lot that never got paid for, immediately went to about $1.75 per shot with 6 days left.
    Same thing with my only 2 boxes of factory loaded 44spl. Relisted them and they went straight to $1.50 a round with a week left.
    I picked up 3 bricks (330 count) of new winchester copper plated HP the other day, probably sell at least 3 bricks of Remington golden bullet and thunderbolt. Those old bricks of remington shit should pay for those new winchesters at least 2 times over.
    If you don't have enough to sell some then you never had enough to begin with.
    I'm still scraping lots of factory ammo to resell.
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  19. oldman11

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    The reason I can keep a little ammo is that the only autos I have are a shotgun and a10-22 ruger.No auto pistols, just revolvers,lever actions and single shots.
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  20. mysterymet

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    It isn’t about having enough for us. Its about having enough for the kids and grandkids too.
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