Sen Edward Kennedy rushed to hospital

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    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sen. Edward Kennedy, a leading Democrat and patriarch of a prominent American political dynasty, was hospitalized in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with symptoms of a stroke, CNN reported on Saturday.

    Kennedy, 76, was taken to the hospital early in the morning, CNN said, citing an unidentified prominent state party member

    The source said Kennedy was to be transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

    The long-serving Massachusetts senator is a leading liberal voice in the United States who has actively campaigned for Barack Obama in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Kennedy had preventive surgery in Boston in October to unclog a partially blocked carotid artery in his neck.

    The blockage was discovered during a routine check of Kennedy's back and spine, doctors said. A blocked carotid artery can lead to a stroke and death, they said.

    Kennedy has suffered from back problems since a plane crash in 1964 in which the pilot and one of Kennedy's aides were killed and the senator was pulled from the wreckage with a back injury, punctured lung, broken ribs and internal bleeding.

    The youngest brother of assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Kennedy was elected to the Senate in 1962 and currently serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

    He helped win an increase in the national minimum wage this year and worked with Republicans to produce broad immigration reform, which failed in the Senate after stiff opposition from conservative Republicans.
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    adios you POS[shtf]
  3. ColtCarbine

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    Since you have your hopes up, he'll probably make it through just to piss you off [ROFL]
  4. Jonas Parker

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    May he have a quick and happy death...
  5. ghrit

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    I do not, cannot, wish him physical ill or death. Just get him the hell out of politics and silence his ravings.
  6. CRC

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    Yep. What ghrit said. Thanks for saying it for me....
  7. MbRodge

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    Doesn't matter, even if the docs can save him the alcohol withdrawl will kill him. If that doesn't, then the alcohol interfering with the post op antibacterials will. His only hope is not going into surgery, or some sort of .gov secret medicine.
  8. Jonas Parker

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    a bionic brain perhaps?
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