Senator Grassley rides again.... Yea, Baby....

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    The ongoing saga of LightSquared versus the U.S. congress has reached a
    new level. This with Iowa Senator Charles Grassley pledging to block
    the nominations of Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai as FCC
    Commissioners. Amateur Radio Newsline's Heather Butera-Howell, KB3TZD,
    has the rest of the story:


    Senator Grassley's says that his decision has nothing to do with the
    qualifications of the nominees. Rather he is using it as a tool to
    challenge the FCC's refusal to turn over to him documents related to
    the waiver the FCC granted to LightSquared to launch a terrestrial
    wireless broadband network using satellite spectrum.

    As previously reported, FCC approval of the LightSquared service is
    conditional on it not interfering with the Global Positioning System
    operating in adjacent spectrum. This is an issue that LightSquared is
    currently trying to resolve so that its wholesale wireless service can
    be launched.

    Senator Grassley says that he is concerned about the impact to GPS by
    the proposed LightSquared system. He wants to be certain that
    broadband deployment does not cause interference issues to the Global
    Positioning System and he will do all in his power to protect it.


    Yea, Baby... there are a few Senators, that know how to lead and how to kick A**, when ir is required..... .... YMMV....
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    Yet another digital broadband service Vs functioning GPS???

    It shouldn't be a contest. Aircraft plowing into mountains and ships running aground, just so that some kid in the booneys can catch up with their face book pals on the latest goings on of Paris Hilton, seems such a small price to pay. : O
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    Totally agree. SAFETY must take precedence over mere convenience. This company could have some major class-action lawsuits in their future.
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