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Send A Brick to your Congressmen today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member


    The Send-A-Brick Project was created by concerned citizens to send bricks to Washington encouraging our Congressmen to stand tough on border security.

    Each brick sends a message to our Senators and Representatives that we want our borders secured before any other action is taken on illegal immigration.


    Please Send A Brick to your Congressmen today and let them know that you want a comprehensive border security plan that includes:

    - A security wall along the entire southern border
    - Better technology for customs and border operations
    - More funding and personnel for our Border Patrol
    - An overall increased security presence on our southern border.

    When our border is secure, only then can we talk about other aspects of illegal immigration

    We are tired of open borders, uncontrolled immigration, terrorist infiltration, the spread of pandemic diseases, criminal alien gangs and all the other horrors that can arise due to our defenseless borders and unenforced immigration laws.

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