Seperation of Church and State

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by Minuteman, May 23, 2011.

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    You don't learn this in history classes anymore. For anyone who thinks that the founding fathers espoused a completely secular government you need to watch this. The entire DVD is packed full of information that you probably have never heard before, this is only a snippet of it.
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  2. Tikka

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    The records of the First Continental Congress document it is freedom of Religion; not today's freedom from Religion.
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    The man has a great series called the American heritage series. We have been watching it in church the last week weeks (Sunday school).

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    God has truly blessed this nation but it seems He has removed His hand of protection in the last generation's time. Been in how many wars that have killed/injured how many of our finest, AIDS and other STDs are pandemic, our economy is in a shambles and getting worse, the leaches on society now out number us tax payers, divorce is over 50%-even in the church, more missionaries are coming to the US instead of going out, and to top it off we have a muzzie loving/protecting ultra liberal socialist for a prez. Will the nation stand? Will we devolve into a third world status? When the FRNs crash will other countries help us? Will we "Balkanize" into small squabbling countries? Hopefully we will awaken before it is way too late and we cross that point of no return--or have we?
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    I think we have passed the point of no return myself.

    I agree about the Lords hand of protection being removed. Notice how allot of the tornadoes lately seem to have the sites set on towns? No judging by any means just something i have noticed while watching the news. be prepared so you can help the lost now and after.

  6. Ajax

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    It's a sad, sad thing to see America turn it's back on God. I just repent for the bad things I have done, we are all guilty in one way or another.

    On one side, the times we live in, I don't think it will change and will probably get worse as time goes on.
  7. Tikka

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    I am not sure America has turned Her back on God; however, the Left and their appointed judges have attacked and destroyed the First Amendment.
    A child is sent home from school because he had an American Flag to "prevent" problems. Yet if a bunch of illegals and anchor babies demonstrate, wear gang paraphernalia, and wave a Mexican Flag it is protected under the First?
    I am tired of the whole situation.
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