Sere scout and a squirrel

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  1. Bishop

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    Took this squirrel to day using a sere slingshot made by Bill Hays of pocket predator slingshot at about 9 meters using steel knock outs one shot to the head scout my patterdale terrier kept the squirrel busy while I got into position for the shot the squirrel did not get to hit the ground before scout had him KIMG0497. KIMG0489. KIMG0494.
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    Yum, tenderized!

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    Nice shot!

    I was hunting with one of my uncles ... I think I was 10 or 11 and we were shooting ..22 longs. We got several of those black squirels they have in Arkansas..... those must be hard headed because we shot one in the head and it woke up while he was carrying it slung over his shoulder.... his shirt was shreded and his back was bleeding something fierce, and my other 2 Uncles never let us live it down. (they gave me ahard time for being a 'sharp' shooter (only sharp enough to wing a squirell) and him for not knocking it in the head) [LMAO]
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    When my son start hunting with me I shot one that got in a hole in the bottom of the tree and he went to get it by the tail and I stopped him told him to cut a green palmmetto and bring it back he did and I split the end and git the tail in between the split and start to turn it like spaghetti on a fork when it came tight I pulled it out and it turned around and was biting and scratching until he was hit in the head just because I did the same thing as a kid and had one bite all the way through my hand.
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    I was reading that, and was all like "nonono, knock it against the tree!!!". Haha. Live and learn, right?

    Good hunting, as always, bishop. Like the dog collar.
  6. Motomom34

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    Your accuracy is astounding. It truly is a skill.
  7. azrancher

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    @Bishop Especially using electrical box knockouts, I assume they are the round disc left when you open up a hole in an electrical box? I'll bet they make quite a hum when they are shot, and do they really shoot accurately?

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  8. Bishop

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    It's off of a part from a factory that makes breaks not from a electric panel but I do glue washers together and shooting them like a fragment when it hits. the steel ball is 3/8 ball bearings KIMG0501. KIMG0500.
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