Sere vs Armadillo

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    Here is a g 10 sere slingshot made by Bill Hays of pocket predator slingshots this sling shot breaks down and has 4 heads that lock into place one design to shoot arrows one shot at 12 meters with a baby bean lead ammo was all it took. KIMG0465.
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    Do they really taste like chicken? You do an excellent job of proselytizing for sling shots and they definitely aren't the ones I used 70 years ago. Did get a few rabbits and squirrels with them but went to a 22 rifle as soon as I could. Really liked the ones using arrows, have to get one and try it and put in my long term stuff. Like the lower learning curve and low cost of sling shots.
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    I took up the blowgun recently...been stalking this armadillo around the yard trying to get a shot on him.
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    LOL I saw the subject "Sere vs Amarillo" and was thinking, IDK what happened in Amarillo but I hadn't heard anything.

    OOoh, armadillo. :D
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    Fixed it for ya, bish.
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