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    I have been going over this set up with my friend and she knows enough about firearms to under the basis of the need for them ...

    i explained to her the simple basic facts or rules about a choseing a survival weapon battery for you to use along with laying out

    handgun self defense ..

    i told her to get a glock 17 simple to use and easly to care for and holds enough rounds to do the job..with a slide for pratice

    handgun back up self defense

    i told to get a glock m26 as it take the same ammo as the 17 and magazines i told you can carry it CCW in at times

    2nd handgun back up self defense

    i told to get a S&W J frame with fixed sights and 1.1/2.inch barrel for use with her winter jacket carry ..she was like and i showed her the reason why she goes ok you not as crazy as a minute ago ..

    handgun working field carry ..

    S&W m29 44.mag with custom work done to it to make it fit her ..

    smooth out the trigger pull
    heavy duty all weather finish on it
    heavy duty rubber grips
    rework the backstrap down to a more comfortable grip set up for her
    cut the barrel down to 4.1/2.inchs magnaport it
    fixed sights with a yellow front sight insert
    cylinder reworked by TK custom to take complete moon clips ..

    self defense rifle

    i pointed her towards the AR15 platfrom with a upper for pratice

    huning rifle

    this is more personal choice for her

    a Blaser M95 combo rifle in the cal of 3.inch magnum

    the rifle has heavy duty plastic type all weather stock and forend

    scope is a leupold 2.x-6.x.24.power scope with bulter scope caps on the scope with a quick on and off mount system

    the part of the package idea i sold her on was useing the diff barrel inserts for the following calibers

    with the 30-06 barrel insert the rifle can not act as a double rifle when hunting big game like the moose and defend herself from bears if she need to ..
    plus with the proper choke on the shotgun part she can take everything from ducks to pheanst birds useing the shotgun part set up of the package

    second hunting rifle is a

    Air Arms single shot or 10.rd magazine feed pelletair rifle with good scope mounted on it and air pump for small game animals in her area

    i also told to pick up a good compound or recurve bow and arrows and told her to learn how to use it

    i also told to pick a set of match grade air rifle and pistol for pratice time in the winter time where you could not pratice because of the weather ..

    she has to deal with bears and moose in her area where she lives at and work at

    so did i do her right or not
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    here is a picture of the air arm air rifle set up by a gun in UK but the one i sold her on is a plain basic green color with a black color scope set up..
    400%20CAMO. blaser-bb-97-luxus-complete-rifle.
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    You left out anti-aircraft missles, a flame thrower, a few hand grenades and mini-gun? WTF?
    I sure think there is a hell of a lot more important things that a "Survival Battery" to waste money on. One simple handgun for self defense and maybe a .22 to pot-shot squirrels with,sure. I wouldn't recommend an arsenal to someone that isn't a born member of the gun culture. If she wishes to become a member of the gun culture, she'll pick her own poisons. Guns don't even make my top 100 things for survival. I own more than 100 of them but don't even think of them as critical to survival for most people. She isn't going to become a hunter by owning a .30-06 or Rambo by having an AR15, no matter how many .22s she shoots out of it. She might get a rapist off her body with a Glock or stop somebody coming in a window with a shotgun but in all likelyhood, probably not.
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    It does seem like a lot. The described collection looks closer to an enthusiast's collection. For just a few simple tools to get the job done, I think it could be cut down a bit. A defense handgun and a .22LR pistol will cover most of what anyone needs. You could substitute the defense handgun for a lever action and get a bit more range.

    If you have a budding enthusiast, nevermind and collect away.
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    The 30.06 will do for ANY larger Game, that may need to be downed, and a .410 will do just fine for small Eating Birds, like Grouse and Doves. The Air powered weapons will be fine for practice, and for short range, small game. I wouldn't suggest a SW 29 for ANY woman, except a Thick Wristed, Amazon, but a single Glock, would be fine.

    If it were "Me" doing the "Suggesting" I would start an non-shooting woman out with a .22 LR Semi-auto Pistol like a Walther, or Ruger Mark II or III, and a .22 LR Semi-auto Rifle like a Ruger 10-22. Then see how she progresses after burning thru a couple of bricks, at targets sitting at 25 and 50 yds. Then if she is up to it I would make the Glock, and the .410 appear, and see how that goes. If that went well, then produce the ammo for the 30.06 and see if that is still within her capabilities. If she came to me wanting MORE, then maybe the AR15, and if that worked out well, and she had no trouble with the Glock, I just might consider the SW 29, but certainly not until the rest were well mastered, or at least comfortable for her to shoot.

    I have taught a lot of women to shoot, over the years, and only ONE had the wrists, for an SW 29, and that was my wife, who didn't really get good until she had a few decades of shooting her .357 Dan Wesson Pistol Pak, and even now she gets really tired of it after 18 shots. .... YMMV....
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    We have a lot of firearms because it has been a hobby since I was a kid. When I buy a new rifle it is for enjoying.
    Over the years the safe filled up and as my interest is assault rifles and MBRs we have a few. Plus the bolt actions, 22rfs, shotguns etc.
    She prefers a wheel gun over the semis. A side folder AK over wood stocks and small to mid caliber HV in bolt actions. She chooses what fits her and points well for her which means I did my job well.
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    i have taken her out and let her shoot everything i owned and this want she like in the diff areas of handguns ..i took her to a place where they let you rent handguns and let her try any handgun she wanted to shoot that day at the range ..

    she has gotten her CCW lics from the state and has taken two class so far one for the rifle and one for pistol ..she takeing hunter edu here in the summer time to go on her first deer hunt this year with us ..

    so she picked out the glocks 17 as her main go to pistol and the two units as back up to them for summer time ccw carry ..

    we rented this handguns at the range for her to shoot and she which one she like glock 17 & beretta 92.f & sig 226.& S&W mp pistols in 9mm cal and the S&W models 29.& 460vxr & 500 magnum revolver

    the small frame glock 26 and jframe s&W revolver as a back up and ccw carry for the some ..

    she chose the glock 17 and 26 and we add the j frame for winter time carry to the list ..

    the 44 mag was her choice not my for i told to with a 357 magnum as a basic all around field revolver ..

    yes it was a little scary to set there and let her fire off a the large bore revolvers with the place range master standing right beside her helping her shoot them was like letting your child drive for the first time. ..

    after fireing the 500 magnum revolver she goes i go with the 44 mag revolver ,,i did try to get to go with a 357 magnum as a field revolver ..

    the combo rifle shotgun set will allow her to take any game animal on the north America big game to game birds with one complete set up where you have change out the weapons to match the game .. ..

    with the rifle barrel loaded with load for moose and a slug as back up as it need .or the load for birds on a walk to the river front.

    i set up her field belt set up with kydex cross draw revolver holster with two moon clips kydex pouchs for the revolver moon clips and a 5.rds of rifle ammo and 5 rds of shotgun ammo ..she ready for any type of hunting she can find in her area where she going to liveing at ..

    i used a lc military web belt with lc susepnders in basic black color with it fitted to her to wear when she is hunting with a gunshot trauma kit pouch and canteen and field and game knife on the belt for her to wear when hunting or working around the homestead ..

    the air rifle is a one of the best air rifle hunting weapon set up out there and i stand my ground with anyone over that one ..

    in three year i know her she has gone from a not beening a person who would own a firearm to a person who thinks every person should be armed and ready to fight for there beliefs

    Also part of the thing i think about combo weapon was i was allways telling her to buy the best for you cry once when opening the wallet but down the line you never look back and wonder if you picked the right thing or spent the right amount of money

    plus i have allways told that if i could afford it i would go with a combo set up as my main hunting weapon because of what the set up offered to a person hunting battery ..
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    i know where she got the air rifle part that was my birth gift to myself from last year and she has tried to get it to walk off with it a couple of times ..
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    If money is not a problem, the choices should work OK.
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    in the cold winters where i have worked i used to keep a S&W J frame inside my right hand pockets dureing the winter time walks to to the truck and kept my hand on it dureing the walk or if i was walking around in a area i did not know..

    tonight in a phone call from her i found out she has picked up a glock 20 10 mm pistol and she said she was thinking about putting that gi upper on it for use in the field also ..

    she also picked up a prone 50.meter match rifle and it accessories and trap shotgun with a set of reloading items for the set up ...

    she told she going to this big gun show and looking for a couple of other things that on her shopping list..

    that day on the range i turned her lose with 500 rds of 9mm hardball and 18 rds of the large bore revolver ammo to let her test the diff handguns that day ..
  11. Seacowboys

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    A.) Genie in a bottle?
    B.) Rich girlfriend that has potential to become gun-nut?
    C.) Troll trying to make us all feel bad?

    If she's a cutie, better marry her dude!
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    she leans towards the other side ..
  13. beast

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    i have 2 guns, 12ga pump and a .22 semiauto
    would like a .410, shotgun and pistol
    those would be all i need
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    Cute doesn't last. Good character and good personality do. Being a good cook doesn't hurt either!
  16. Hispeedal2

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    I say if she wants to dive into guns like that, awesome! Hell, she sounds like she knows more about what she likes than we do.
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    she more of a lipstick type along with knowing about her lifestyle choices has not really been a problem with me and her and our friendship we have formed over the last years ..

    plus now that she crossed the line into the gun nut way of thinking and going to gunshows has gotten alot more fun in our friendship when i get draged to a gunshow table and she goes what do you think ..

    the guy will go the wife has good taste and that when we both look at him and chuckle under out breath a bit and go how much .. ..
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    Except for the magnums; wheel guns never took with me. However, she does right well with a S&W 648 with extended grip.

    We (it was mine lol) have a tuned M-48. Tuning is pretty easy to do:
    Spring Gun Tuning
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    Your choices were that far off, though I think it can be done with fewer calibers. I was going to suggest the 10 MM till I read the post that she had bought one. I don't know which one she bought, if she gets the full and the compact then she has her 4 and 2 legged critter defense all in one.

    If she can handle a 30-06, she can handle a 20 gage. Nothing against the 410, that is what my wife has. However 20 gage ammo is less expensive and has a better available that 410. At least here it does.

    My suggestion for a "survival" battery is as follows: (calibers is a individual choice.)

    Self-defense handgun. If you can comer both 2 and 4 legged varmints with the same weapon so much the better.

    A back up/concealable handgun. Again if you can use the same caliber and magazines, so much the better.

    A hunting rifle

    A self-defense rifle. If you can combine the 2 so much the better. (Does the M1 Grand or a tanker grand work?)

    A good field shotgun

    A plinking rifle and or handgun.
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    the combo rifle and shotgun allows her the working set up of both a rifle and shotgun for field hunting with the shotgun with it diff chokes and the inserts into the shotgun barrel to drop it down to or 30-06 rifle cal ..

    the whole thing is that makeing sure if she has to hunt her weapon is going to fit her with very littl cross training need to get her used to the hunting weapon ..everything is the same on the weapon when she picks it up she not going to have to remember where the safety is or how to use the sights from a rifle to a shotgun it going to be the same each and every time she picks up the hunting weapon to go out and hunt ..

    the whole thing with the magnum revolver is over the fact there are bears in the area and she need something that make it leave her alone if she incounters one in the field around the area in which she lives at ..

    the glock 10 mm is going to be a hunting pistol set up and the sporting clays shotgun and 22 lr match rifle is going to be because she into those two sports ..
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