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Discussion in 'Technical' started by TailorMadeHell, Sep 17, 2006.

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    Okay, on my computer I am running Zone Alarm Pro as my firewall. Seems it blocks a lot of stuff from infiltrating my computer and pulling out information. There is one that hits me only when I come to this site. The source DNS, whatever that means, is SHADOW DEMON. It tries to hit me from many different IP addresses. I don't know who crafted it, though it is watching this site. Don't want to spread paranoia, just a little headsup.

    If you aren't running a firewall, I would suggest learning about them and trying one. No telling how much information I bled out to those leeches before I got mine. Now Shadow Demon may just be some adware, spybot or tracker thing, then again it may be a program coded by the Alphabet people to see if you need to be moved to the Domestic target list.

    Just a thought.
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    I think if you look closer at that it will read daemon rather than demon?

    Shadow Daemon seems to be a small script from Sun that runs in vBullettin and keeps track of ignore lists and other settings on your account. Zone Alarm just allows you to see it. I don't think it's spyware. If you could post exactly what you are seeing, I could forward it on to vB.

    shadow daemon - Google Search
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