Sharpshooter Sheath Quality?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by GOG, Jun 4, 2014.

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    I recently got a good deal on an Ontario TAK knife, so I bought it. I actually bought it to replace an ESEE 4 that I stupidly sold.

    Anyway, the nylon sheath that comes with the knife is pretty poor quality. It has a plastic blade liner and the blade rattles in there; not a desirable trait. I was thinking that a sheath for an ESEE 4 might fit the TAK. They seem to be about the same size and profile.

    Which finally leads me to my questions. Does anybody have any experience with Sharpshooter leather sheaths?

    I would also appreciate any input on other sheaths that could work. Please bear in mind I'm on a budget and can't afford a fancy custom sheath.

    Thanks folks.
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    I make my own leather sheaths, but leather working is an expensive activity. Just to get started you would need to invest several hundred dollars in tools and materials, and spend the time actually practicing. However, once the first stages are accomplished, you possess the knowledge to make anything you need. I mention this because, if time is not an issue, you could invest slowly as funds permit, practice, and never be in need again. Alternatively, you *could* get into kydex sheath making and go that route if you prefer. It's much cheaper than leather working, by far. Basic tools needed for kydex is the material itself purchased through knife supply vendors (inexpensive), a heat gun, and a foam press (can make your own). Aside from simple hardware and a few other basic tools, you're set.

    I wouldn't suggest using sheaths from other knives normally, but if you ever find one which works, you will have what you need. Usually, at least from what I have found, reusing sheaths for other knives results in a poor fit.

    Also, I did find what seems to be an excellent priced Kydex sheath for the TAK (at $29.00): Ontario TAK-1 Sheath - Black Kydex (although out of stock) But this could give you an idea to search for more elsewhere. And these guys here can make one for you at about the $50 price range or so depending on attachments and such.
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    Thanks for the info Brokor.
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