Shawna Cox Working Her Sovereign Citizen Schtick

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    Shawna Cox's Counter motion against her alleged tormentors for damages of $666,666,666,666.66 has had her suit thrown out of court.

    A serious lawsuit??? Or is it just a ploy to make an insanity defence more plausible to potential jurors?? Whatever the motivation, It would seem that Shawna Cox is well on the way to reasonably becoming perceived as a vexatious litigant. I hope it didn't consume much by the way of court resources to throw her lawsuit out.

    I note that a condition of Shawna's release from custody was that she
    It leaves Shawna in something of an existential dilemma....she must comply with a an order of the US District Court of the District of Oregon, a jurisdiction that she does not hold as having any constitutionally valid authority over her, just to make bail and stay out of custody; or, pick up that gun that the 2nd Amendment guarantees her right to bear. tough choice Shawna... Go for the know you wan'a. ;)
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