She Wrestles The Knife Away

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    This my kinda female... and most often this kinda female is FUN... IF she want to fool around and picks you to fool around with...

    very FIRM believer in consent here... no consent no foolin around...

    Muslim Man Attacks Indian Teen Girl And Tries To Rape Her At Knifepoint, She Wrestles The Knife Away And Castrates Him

    Islam is a cowardly religion without honor that advances itself by exploiting the weak, be they individuals or entire peoples. Muslims only attack when they think their target is unable to protect itself. They don’t expect non-Muslims to fight back, and when they do, they often are completely taken by surprise and lose, as was the case with this 17-year-old Indian girl, who wrestled the knife away from a Muslim man trying to rape her and used it to castrate him:

    A 17-year-old Dalit girl bobbitised a man who allegedly attempted to rape her at knifepoint, police said today.

    The incident took place last evening when the girl had gone to relieve herself at a jungle in Incholi area here, a police spokesperson said.

    The girl snatched the knife from the accused Raees (23) when he attempted to force himself on her, and attacked his private parts with it.

    Villagers arrived at the spot after hearing his cries and admitted him to a hospital, where his condition is stated to be serious.

    Police said they have registered a case against the man after a complaint by the girl. (source)

    Now this story happened last month, but it bears repeating because it is an example of how to deal with Islamic violence in light of the Catholic Church massacre in France, where Muslim terrorists ritually slaughtered a Catholic priest as he was saying mass. Since the Western world has been so utterly destroyed by heresy, apostasy, and bad ideas, sometimes it is good to take a look at how other cultures handle themselves in similar situations.

    What are the lessons for Christians when attacked by Muslims? Never submit or give up. Press forward when under attack. Never back down in the face of death. Fight like your life depends on it, and if necessary, fight to the death.

    With the way things are going in Europe and America, who knows? Maybe you will find yourself in a similar situation- and, knowing the nature of Islam, they will stand and fight and never submit.

    Article reposted with permission from…e-away-and-castrates-him/
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    The religion of Peace and Understanding...... :mad:
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    "Defend yourself at all times" the referee says just before the bell rings to start a boxing match.

    The bell has rung for all of us in this fight with radical muslims, in case you weren't paying attention.

    Are you ready?
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    Am I ready? sure, knife is razor sharp, AR is loaded and close at hand along with many loaded magazines, 6 of which are in a triple pouch to go bag, pistol is loaded with 147 gr. hollow points, and almost always in my pocket, steel fence posts are quite common around here to impale the head. Hogs, coyotes, buzzards, and gators all need to eat. Bring it.
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    Islam is the religion of medieval azz ols.
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    as the gunny R LEE Ermiy would say --lock and load---p.s. one of my heroes
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