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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Tango3

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    Been tasked with repairing my wife's aunts favorite olds ge washing machine so I've been researching appliance and repair parts. Please read this einstiens' comments:
    Kristen of Meadville PA (11/14/06)
    I bought my Neptune Top loader washing machine and matching dryer October 2005. I THOUGHT I researched thoroughly and the sales associate at Home Depot insisted that it was the top of the line. This was my first brand new washing machine purchase and I spent over $1700 for the set. Had a couple people tell me after I bought it that the machine was junk, but I didn't believe them. How could it be when it cost so much? I wish I had been told about them and all their problems before I spent that kind of money.

    follow that logic..[LMAO]
  2. TailorMadeHell

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    Ah, the 'bigger is better' syndrome. Haha.
  3. kckndrgn

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    oh yeah, one person had problems with the washer/dryer set so she got "junk" LOL , what a hoot.

    And she even "claims" to have done research on them, she must not know about this new invention call "the internet". I know it's new and may not catch on, but I like it.

  4. Tango3

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    I think is a nonsequitar is "HOW COULD IT BE JUNK WHEN ITCOST SO MUCh?"... Hey lady " here's a turd .59 a lb/wait , wait my special Friend, I have over here a very special turd from mohammed himself still steaming only for you $600/lb....
  5. TailorMadeHell

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    That's precisely what happened Tango. That's okay though. Let them buy the cheaply made, namebrand crap for the high dollar and I'll stick with the quality product at the cheap price.

    It is said, 'What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'

    I have to agree. Name means nothing. Craftmanship is what you need to be looking for. Some people just don't get it though. They are all too happy to jump on the 'hottest thing going' bandwagon. They are all glad they can show up the Jones', until they fall off the wagon and knock their head. [LMAO]
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