Sheriff Warns of Second American Revolution over Gun Control

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Smart men & a good interview. That sheriff is very realistic in the reaction that people will have. As for the Mexican Gov't's request well they can go.......
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    ......take a flying leap!
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    The 2ond has been chipped away at in some states/cities and the people put up with it by not voting out the perps. IMO, they are criminals when they take away God given rights and rights our forefathers died for. Does it never dawn on these states/cities that their much higher crime rates are directly proportional to their stricter gun laws? Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Chicago, Detroit, NY, Baltimore, etc etc etc all have extremely restrictive gun laws yet they lead the nation in crime/murder rates---DUH!!!. These city dwelling pansies just keep electing the same type crowd---they deserve what they are getting. When they try to push the same controls on conservative America they may see a totally different outcome. Am hoping for a peaceful end but preparing for a different scenario.
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    with cement shoes
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    Preach it! I love it when I can listen to people with common sense.
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  8. Nickjlancaster


    From my cold dead hand....

    I witnessed firsthand how a government can justify taking guns away from citizens. In the UK I was a member of a rifle club. At one time the members there could apply for and own much of the same firearms we buy in the United States.

    While the rules for firearm ownership in the UK were always incredibly strict they did allow ownership if all the hoops were jumped through. This all changed after Hungerford and then Dunblane.

    I'm sure there are UK posters here and it's been over ten years since I had to know the UK laws. The last time I checked though the only firearms that could be legally owned were .22s, muzzle-loaders and shotguns. Ridiculous.

    I am fortunate to live in a state where I can carry concealed in addition to legally owning one of those evil black rifles.

    None of us must ever take our RIGHT to own firearms for granted.
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    Okay, where did my post go. LOL Who took my video link? . .................. Never mind.
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    My state has gone plum crazy. It is insane what they are trying. Even with the County Sheriffs released a statement saying:

    Why is it that the sheriffs can see the true and reality? These people know what will happen if these insane bills pass.
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    Because the Sheriffs are ELECTED by the Residents, and the Police Chiefs are appointed by their Elected Masters (Dems in Cities) and they testify accordingly... It is REALLY that simple...
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    Yes, but the politicians are also elected. Are they all hell bent on doing as much damage as they can while in office. I feel that the general public is feeling so beat down and are so tired from the everyday struggle that they don't have the fight they need to beat these gun grabbers.
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