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    Sherrod Brown: 'Generally white males' to blame for terrorist attacks in U.S.

    Washington (CNN)Sen. Sherrod Brown said Thursday that "generally white males" are responsible for terrorist attacks in the United States since September 11, 2001.

    He pointed to mass shootings in movie theaters and schools, calling those "terrorist attacks -- they're just different kinds of terrorists."

    The Ohio Democrat made the comments in a Thursday interview with WAKR radio. Those remarks were then picked up by BuzzFeed.

    Full Story: Brown: 'Generally white males' to blame for U.S. attacks -
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    Right now, unable to digest this idiot!!
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    Brown is a moron, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. I would define many of these mass shootings as "terrorism" myself. But the feds tend to avoid calling anything within our borders "terrorism" as it would totally blow away their snake-oil sales pitch of keeping us safe by taking away our liberty.
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    Not a very nuanced politician....the conclusion doesn't follow from the premises, and the argument suffers from a category error fallacy.

    Category mistake - RationalWiki


    Having said that....Brown is correct in making an observation about shooting massacres in movie theatres and schools, being generally (and by inference, not exclusively) white and male. There have been mass fatality shootings in other contexts that have not been white and male, (they being African American and male), however they have been proportional to the population of African Americans in society, apparently. Only one woman has been involved as a shooter in mass, all, in all....the safest place to hang out is where there are lots of African American women. ;):rolleyes:

    How common are African-American mass shooters? | theGrio

    Brown would do well to do a little research, and be a little more careful with his logical reasoning when making pronouncements about terrorism. It is clear that Brown is speaking to his constituency, and that constituency is neither the NRA,
    nor NRA members.
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    Brown like so many other politicians is flat out wrong headed. However his type is immune to reason, so I'll waste no more thought on him. Instead I'll continue to watch the unintended consequences of his and his cronies rebellion against reality...
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