Shipping containers as storage

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    The only ones I know of that have been buried were more of halfway up then covered. Built into a berm type of thing. Leaving the double doors exposed for easy access.
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    Thats pretty much what I had in mind. Dig into a slope about half-2/3 of the depth of the container then use the dirt from that to cover over the rest of it enouph to keep the temp naturaly stable and to protect it from storms/tornados. The main difference would be just to build a sort of hallway from its doors to an outer door similar to most cellars to also help in keeping the temps stable. My main purpose for it would be so we can have a larger garden and can the stuff from the garden as well as more of the meats and have a place to store enouph to keep us in our own veggies and such untill the next harvest and in our own meats untill the next butchering time without as much freezer space. So I wouldnt be planning on more than at MOST 3' and probably 1-2' of dirt on top of it and most likely haveing 4x4s with screw jacks under them running along the center or possibly across several places along it for added support of the roof.
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    I have an old box car, its insulated well. In the front and back it has the storage racks for block ice. you have two top hatch doors, and two side doors that lead to the ice racks. Each is about 6' wide and the center storage are has 2 big doors that you can load stuff into. I put a hook in the floor and bent a piece of rebar and made a hook so when I'm inside I can lock the door.. It is great for storage and nothing can freeze in it. If you live close to a train depot you might check into one of those.
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