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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Smitty, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Looking at getting a new piece of equipment requiring shipping to a dealer. Never bought this way have always just bought from individual, gun show, or straight from dealer stock. What is a typical charge for such transaction and anything I need to be aware of before proceeding?

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    It'll set you back 20 to 50 frns, whatever he customarily charges for the service and maybe how well he knows you. The FFL will have to open it before handing it over to record serial numbers or whatever else they do. You may have to arrange for him to send a copy (or fax) of his FFL to the sender if the sender doesn't already have it on file. I do not know if he has to run you thru NICS, but may.
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    Yes, the Receiving FFL is required to exchange his SIGNED FFL, with the SIGNED FFL of the Sending FFL, by Fax, Mail, eMail, OR have it Verified on the ATF Database WebSite. If it IS a FireArm, then an ATF 4473, AND a NICS Inquiry, WILL be REQUIRED, before possession can be transferred to the Purchaser. Transfers usually are done for less than $50US per Firearm.
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    Some online dealers have agreements with FFL dealers to where you don't have to contact the FFL holder first.

    Here's one...see if there's a dealer in your area:

    Dealer Network
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    Is the deal intra or inter state?
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    Thanks again. Found a dealer that does $20 transfers. I can handle that.

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    Looks like your question was answered...
    Whenever I do that for someone as an FFL holder it starts with a phone call/fax/email and the two dealers arrange shipping and receiving for you. as other's have said... the seller normally adds the cost of shipping and the receiving FFL holder will charge $25 to $50 for his services and time to do the paper work...(If their a good customer I usually wave the charge)... it's pretty ease done almost every day somewhere in this country. Safer than buying off the street and ending up with a stolen weapon...Welcome to the 21st century
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