Shocking annualized inflation numbers

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    Shock, Annualized

    Now, the really shocking stuff is doesn't show up until you look at the "Seasonally adjust annual rate for the 3-months ended December 2007." This is where you find why Gold is going through the roof and the dollar collapsing to within a few pennies of its all time lows. Remember, these are 3-month annualize rates:

    Finished Goods: +13.3%

    Finished consumer foods +9.4%

    Finished energy goods: +51.9%

    Intermediate materials supplies & components: +15.0%

    Intermediate food & feeds: +19.2%

    Intermediate energy goods: +55.3%

    Materials for non-durables: +20.3%


    Think those are scary? Look at the head of the supply chain!

    Crude materials for further processing: +59.6%

    Foodstuffs and feedstuffs +19.2%

    Crude energy materials +129.5%

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