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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Alpha Dog, Oct 22, 2011.

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    When I shoot and move if Im advancing on a target I use the Grouch-O walk with wheather rifle , pistol or shotgun. I bend at the knee's and hips it keeps you more balanced and if confronted you have a stronger movement and my opinion can defend yourself with stronger strikes and it is a more natural shooting position for me and gives better footing. Now if someone is poping off rounds I can go striaght in to a low run or crawl from that postition with out alot of body movement. The reason I brought this up is I was talking with a boot and he kept trying to do the TV Swat walk squated and crossing the feet. The problem with that is if confronted you are off balance you are only using the balls of your feet, shooting weapons with recoil takes you off target and I have seen guy's with automatic fire fall down because the legs get crossed up trying to shoot and move. What tactic's do some of you guy's use?
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    Definitely the Groucho. Crossing the feet is a huge no-no.

    I also "roll" my feet on the outside edges as I place them. "Flat footed" steps make me wobble even when it is toe to heel straight walking (like on a tight rope), but rolling them down on the edge keeps my sight picture much more stable.

    I've also found when shooting oblique angles during movement that if I (actually) think of the upper part of my body as a tank turret turning back and forth as needed at the waist I find very little difference in my hits whether it's over my right side or my left.
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    It is easier for me to go from target to target too in that stance buy just turning at the waist and it helps keep me on my site. Once I started using this my score went up, Plus it's a more comfortable and natural stance and movement for the body.
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    In my ill-spent youth, I enjoyed walking the woods and squirrel hunting 'on the move'. I'd use the techniques we kids read of the early Indians - stepping quietly with toe first instead of heal down like a 'White Eyes'. Stalking up on a wily treerat to within an easy 10 yard shot makes one very quiet.
    Since I was a techie in the USAF and later USN, I never learned the true tactical moving. Our shipboard security training just didn't focus on it.
    Our local public range outlaws trying such things.... but on a slow morning, I've seen guys practicing there 'shoot & scoot' techniques and fast mag-switches.
    I'm too old and fat to be able to do it properly, but it's fun watching the 'young guns' doing it. The best ones are the LCSO radio comm guys! They are better shots than the regular Deputies.
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    Am getting too old to be advancing on an adversary but can still slink away and take him out from afar. A structured retreat is an effective "assault".
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    For every strategy to advance and maintain contact there is one to withdraw and break contact.
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