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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by skyking, Jun 15, 2011.

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    the scenerio is as such :

    the Kaito KA 009 is ok but if let's take for example a person had already moved out of the lower 48 and wanted a reciever that would get US signals say from 2200 miles away what would be a god rig and setup knowing that it's not as simple as getting parts and supplies and buster brown showing up at your door ?

    I've read many post and various suggestions but just need that practical list of one that will fill the bill here.

    one helpful fact might be the radio would be setting on a rather high mountain top....
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    The questions you need to answer FIRST are:

    1. How much money are you willing to spend for a receiver?
    2. Are you interested just AM and Shortwave AM Broadcasts, or would you want to do SSB listening as well?
    3. Are you interested in getting a Ham License, down the road, and be able to do Two Way Comms?
    4. what are you planning on using for Power? Grid, Batteries, Solar, or whatever?
    As you answer the above questions, they will define the hardware requirements, for the system, you will want to buy. Then you can start looking for the hardware that meets the Requirements of your planned system. Any recommendation before you answer the above questions, just doesn't make sense.
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    Good point ,I guess I was thinking just broadcast receiving and will mull this over and post more definitive needs and then we'll see how it goes.
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    Find an inexpensive way to get your feet wet before you make a serious investment.

    I started listening with an old Hallicrafter S38A and q-multiplier.
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    I didn't answer #4 Bruce.

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    Well Broker, If you can't power you rig, it is just good for anchoring your fishing pram...... I was scrounging around in my Dry Storage, and found an old Sony Portable Radio, that is Battery Operated, covers BC thru 25 Mhz, and has a BFO. (Beat Frequency Oscillator, used for Single Sideband, and CW reception) I remember, three decades ago when the Cannery bought 5 of these for the Managerial Staff, to listen to shortwave, as we didn't have SAT-Tv then, and the nights got a bit boring. so, I brought it back to the cabin and have been using it tonite, as receiver on 75 Meters, while I chat with some Buds on the West Coast. I didn't remember these, as being as good of receiver, as they really are. I suspect one could find something similar at any GoodWill, Deseret Industries, or Salvation Army Thrift Store, for $10-20US, or less. That gets you into the listen mode, for the price of a couple of those fancy Starbucks Coffees. If you look around your neighborhood, and spot the Ham Antennas, go up an knock on the door, and ask for a look at his setup, more than likely they will give you a tour. I know most Hams, will have at least one or two older rigs gathering dust on their shelves. Make friends, and you might be surprised, the deals that can be had. I was befriended by an Old Ham, 50 years ago, and when I presented my shinny FCC License, he gave me an old Transmitter he had quite using. My GlobeScout 90, with the Grid Modulation Mod. It got me on the air with the receiver, (Hallicrafter something, I don't remember) I had traded a CB Setup for. I used that setup until I left home for college. The college had a Ham Club Station, with all Collins Gear, and a BIG Yagi Antenna, on the roof. .... YMMV.....
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    Hey, thanks for the tips, Bruce!
  8. Tikka

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    If you know as much as I did when I was a pure newbie; first, use the internet to find out what a Ham antenna looks like.


    The quickest way to find the local Ham Club is to ask at your local Radio Shack.

    You could try here: Search for ARRL Affiliated Clubs

    Clubs usually have study materials if you decide to get your (license) ticket.

    When you meet Hams, you'll learn their interests vary greatly. I'm into CW (Morse code) and DX or making contacts in foreign lands. Which usually means "large" antennas so I am easy to spot once you find me. lol

    Another thing to consider. First, there are two types of transceivers one uses vacuum tubes as finals (where your signal is amplified) and the other uses transistors.
    Key points, vacuum tube rigs use AC electricity and transistor rigs use DC. My transistor rigs draw a little over 20 amps for it's rated ~100 watts out.
    Transistor rigs also have a general coverage HF (100 kHz to 30 MHz) multi-mode (AM, LSB, USB, FSK, FM) receiver. IF and when there is an event, snip a diode and it is a general coverage transceiver. If there isn't an major emergency, you get a huge fine and/or your gear confiscated for out of band transmissions.

    When a rig transmits; the receiver is grounded or "shut off" so you don't get a huge dose of hearing yourself. As Bruce and I are Hams so we know how to do that without getting the loudest blast of "co-channel" you'll every hear.
    :D lol
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    more info

    We need to know what you going need to listen to. Cheap sw receivers can be bought for 10 up to 1000. The antenna is the key for good listening....W5FJ
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    I spent a few hours tweaking My Carolina Windom and the Bands are open this evening..

  11. BTPost

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    Been listening to 8 Land all day... 80 ought to be open after 5 Pm....
  12. Tikka

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