shot a cat, 250 gr jhp, 1200 fps, it ran

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by teeter, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. teeter

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    I shot again, happened to hit it. It chased its tail and fell over. I went up, one hole thru guts, one thru chest. I ASSUME first hit was guts, but dunno. This was with 20 grs of Hercules 2400, 4 3/4" barreled Ruger Blackhawk, in .45 L Colt, earmuffs in place, at about 20 yds for the first shot. I've shot hundreds of animals with a dozen handgun calibers, not monster revolvers or single shots, either. have you? has anyone you ever read ? :)

    The bullet was Hornady's early jhp, too thick, too tough a jacket, too small a hp cavity, and the rd nosed seater punch in my reloading die pressed the cavity into an even smaller diameter. Hornady's jackets are STILL noted for being too tough and too thick, tho, and how many .45 ccw loads are available at 1200 fps, eh?

    I also had a similar experience, 185 gr Hornady jhp for .45, with 15 grs of Hurcules Unique powder, same revolver, Same too small hp cavity, same lack of expansion, even at 1500 fps, on a feral dog, at about 10 yds. If a .45 doesn't expand, it doesn't amount to a hoot for self defense against MEN, guys. So the critter dies later, so what? If a man is shooting, clubbing, stabbing you 4x per second, what good is a load that "stops" him, 5 seconds later, eh?
  2. Seawolf1090

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    So, you wanna stand and let one of US pop you in the chest woth the worthless wimpy nonfatal .45ACP FMJ. It won't expand, so it's totally useless, right Gunkid?

    You know better than a hundred years in service use worldwide....... [aiw]
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  3. Falcon15

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    Oh, and shoot a cat in my vicinity, and I'll shove an icepick in your ear.
  4. STANGF150

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    Shoot a cat in my presence & I'll be taking up the poor creature's defense for them. So you better have a firm belief that my .45acp is useless. Who knows, if your belief is strong enough, maybe you can warp Reality ya lil $#!^
  5. Opinionated

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    Now THAT is funny.

    The mental image of gunkid with an icepick handle sticking out of each ear.

    In case that is a little too deep for you to figure out gunkid; ME TOO.
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