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    Although made a few chat box comments, I never really posted a thread about our recent event in Las Vegas,

    Please feel free to visit our facebook page at and see all of the photos.

    One of my favorite thingsto see while we were there is artistry of Baron Technology. David Baron has bought fixture clamps from us through the years and we are now creating an OEM clamp for him. We got to talking one day and he was telling me about some of his ongoing projects, among them firearms.

    Every year at the Shot show I make sure to stop in to visit with those guys. their creativity and talent exceed the norm, I love their work. One of my favorite pieces this is is this Colt. Isn't it a beauty.

    See more pictues and get some day to day updates on our Facebook page. You Do NOT have to be a member of Facebook to view our page.

    Colt by Baron Technology.
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    OH MY GOD....[drooling][drooling]
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    What a beautiful piece. True craftsmanship.
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    Too Purdy to shoot!! [drooling]
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    What a fitting way to show his artistry.
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  6. Tully Mars

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    Would like to see the above on a BHP too!
  7. NotSoSneaky

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    Indeed. Stunning craftsmanship !
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